Switcher Trojan: Android Joins The ‘Attack-The-Router’ Club

Newly-discovered Trojan uses unsuspecting Android device users as tools to redirect traffic from WiFi-connected devices to websites controlled by the attackers Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a remarkable evolution in Android OS malware: the Switcher Trojan. It treats unsuspecting Android device users as tools to infect Wi-Fi routers, changing the routers’ DNS settings and redirecting […]

Malware Found On A Burlington Electric Department Laptop

Several States across the nation are reviewing Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure after the Burlington Electric Department found a laptop containing the Grizzly Steppe malware some attribute to Russian Hackers. It security experts from Tripwire and Plixer commented below. Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy at Tripwire: “The Department of Homeland Security […]

Employees Easy Bait For Phishing Attacks


New research highlights opportunity for hackers to exploit employee trust Office workers are putting organisations at risk by being overly trusting of online scammers, according to new research from global security software firm, Avecto. After questioning 1,000 people whose jobs require them to use the internet on a daily basis, the company revealed 65% of […]

650Gbps DDoS Attack From Leet Botnet Rivals Mirai Attacks

In a new blog post, Imperva researchers reveal they mitigated one of the largest DDoS attacks ever seen, which reached a huge 650 Gbps and had absolutely nothing to do with the Mirai malware. As we enter 2017, it’s natural to contemplate the future and look for signs of things to come. Sometimes, however, you don’t […]

Proofpoint Finds Social Media Phishing Scam Steals Credentials And Credit Cards

In a new blog post researchers from Proofpoint have tracked a phishing campaign leveraging the concept of “Twitter Brand Verification”.  Because the actors in this case are relying on paid, targeted ads on Twitter, users don’t need to do anything to see the phishing link. Attackers are increasing the sophistication of social engineering approaches and extending […]