Passcodes Increasing Cardless ATM Fraud

Banks are finding out that stolen passwords are fueling cardless ATM fraud and point to identity proofing as the most difficult challenge in mobile banking. Robert Capps, VP at NuData Security commented below. Robert Capps, VP at NuData Security:  “Traditionally, ATM security has long relied on multi-factor authentication, namely, something you have (an ATM card issued by the bank) […]

‘FBI Hacked’ Claims CyberZiest

BlackHat hacker CyberZiest claims to have used a zero-day flaw to hack into the FBI’s Content Management System (built by Plone). Plone released a statement calling the hack a ‘hoax’. However, CyberZiest has since tweeted a claim that they will release proof to support the breach. IT security expert from Barracuda Networks commented below. Wieland Alge, VP & GM EMEA at Barracuda Networks: “For many […]

MongoDB Ransomware Attacks

Following the news about the gigabytes of medical, payroll and other data held in MongoDB databases have been deleted in a cyber attack, with the attacker seeking a ransom to restore the information. IT security experts from Cryptzone and Varonis commented below. Jason Garbis, Vice President of Products at Cryptzone: “Attacks – such as those […]

Brexit Chaos: Not Just Banks Are Affected

Is this the end of London as a financial centre, or will British financial services providers actually retain free access to the EU? Whatever the case, it is by no means just banks which are affected by the Brexit chaos. Before the UK’s Brexit referendum, only two things were clear: no-one knew what a “Yes” vote […]