GoDaddy Forced To Revoke SSL Certificates

cyber security

A flaw in GoDaddy’s code meant that nearly 9,000 SSL certificates have had to be revoked. Any website affected by the issue will still have working HTTPS encryption, even if the GoDaddy-issued certificate is revoked. However, visitors to the website might see error messages or warnings in their browser until a new certificate is installed. […]

Ukrainian Power Grid Hacked Again

Cyber Attack on the Ukrainian Power Grid

An investigation into a power outage that left customers in Ukraine without electricity for an hour last month has concluded that the cause was indeed a cyberattack. This would be the second such known hack of a Ukrainian power facility following a massive December 2015 power outage affecting about 230,000 people, which was later blamed on the Russian […]

Dyn Research-Only 4 Out Of 10 UK Organisations Currently Monitoring Their Network Activity


Dyn, the internet performance management company, today publish new findings into the impact internet disruptions have on UK organisations, as well as revealing how prepared UK businesses are in mitigating the risks these disruptions pose. The survey, which questioned 100 senior-level IT professionals in UK organisations, revealed that the majority of internet disruptions occur outside […]

Eir Scam Phishing For Payment Cards And Passwords

ESET Ireland is warning about the latest phishing scam, targeting Eir customers. A poorly spelled email pretending to come from Eir is trying to catch the Irish unaware, claiming there’s a problem with Direct Debit payment and threatening to suspend their “eir Broadband and eir TV services within the next 24 hours” Subject: eir Unable to […]

GoDaddy Revokes 8,850 Wrongly Validated SSL Certificates

Following the news that GoDaddy was obliged to revoke 8,850 SSL certificates as the result of an unspecified software bug, Mark James, IT Security Specialist at ESET commented below. Mark James, IT Security Specialist at ESET: “SSL certificates are used to secure and protect data sent from one computer to another, this may include credit card numbers or other private […]

Google Cloud KMS

Cloud Security

Following the news about Google’s introduction of Cloud KMS encryption key management, Pravin Kothari, Founder, Chairman & CEO at CipherCloud commented below. . Pravin Kothari, Founder, Chairman & CEO at CipherCloud:  “Encryption of data in the cloud is becoming a must-have requirement due to raised awareness, compliance violations and high profile breaches. “Encryption is only […]