Politics And International Malware Mayhem – Predictions For 2017


As 2017 approaches, the scale and sophistication of cyber-threats seems only destined to grow as criminals and state-backed groups learn how to exploit the weak-points in businesses and governmental organisations around the globe. If 2016 is anything to go by, unless enterprises change their approaches to cyber-security, 2017 will be another a year of successful […]

Connecting With Care: How Ready Is Healthcare IT For The New EU Data Regulations?

Premera Breach

IT security professionals in the European healthcare industry have a difficult job to do. Every day they face the seemingly impossible task of delivering on two opposing goals: enabling the connectivity and transparency that power digital healthcare, while maintaining strong barriers to protect data, devices and networks from data breaches and cyber-threats. This challenge is […]

Samsung SmartCam Security Camera Vulnerability

The popular Samsung SmartCam security cameras contain a critical remote code execution vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain root access and take full control of them. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers from the hacking collective the Exploiteers (formerly GTVHacker), who have found vulnerabilities in the Samsung SmartCam devices in the past. IT security […]

5 Rules For Manufacturers In Securing The Internet Of Things

IoT Pain

While the speed in which manufacturers create and release new technology grows exponentially with each passing year, the security of these devices has failed to keep up. As a manufacturer, are you constantly testing your devices to make sure that you not only know what vulnerabilities exist but also how to patch them? As a […]