Expert Opinion On Carbanak Malware Uses Google Svcs As C&C Servers

Following the reports that newer versions of Carbanak malware now use Google services to host command-and-control infrastructure to infect organizations and exfiltrate data (the Carbanak group has previously stolen more than $1 billion from banks around the world). IT security experts from Balabit, Lastline, CipherCloud and VASCO Data Security  commented below. Balazs Scheidler, CTO and […]

Ransomware: Should You Pay Up?

If you’re a victim of ransomware, cybercriminals will encrypt your data and documents and demand a fee for them to unlock it. Once your data is locked, you face a tough choice: whether or not to pay. If you pay, will you really get your data back anyway? Here, we look at some tips on […]

Critical Flaw In Samsung SmartCam Allows Hackers To Take Control Of Cameras

Researchers have discovered that the popular Samsung SmartCam cameras contain a critical and easy-to-use flaw, allowing hackers to gain full control of the smart home devices. This is not the first time that researchers have found issues with the product, with Samsung previously releasing patches but it appears the problem still remains. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist […]

Al Sargent Top Tips For The Mobile Enterprise In 2017

Millennials are set to outnumber baby boomers in the workplace this year for the first time. With a millennial workforce comes a demand for much more than a pay cheque. Flexibility is now a key differentiator when it comes to attracting new talent. However, with great flexibility comes great responsibility… and a massively increased cyber […]

New Trustwave Study Shows 57 Percent Of IT Security Professionals Struggle To Find Talent

Study Reveals Corporate Security Demands Outpace Available Talent at Alarming Rates CHICAGO.  Trustwave and Osterman Research today released results of a new study on cybersecurity resource limitations that quantifies the challenges businesses face around recruitment of IT security talent, identification of the skills sets they require, the level of control they have over their IT security budgets, […]

Public Urged To Help DDoS Trump’s Inauguration In Protest

A software engineer is calling on Americans to oppose Trump’s presidency by visiting the site and overloading it with too much traffic. In effect, he’s proposing a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, an illegal act under federal law. IT security experts from DomainTools, Imperva and NSFOCUS IB commented below. Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Security Researcher at DomainTools: “Protestors across the […]

Taking Responsibility For Application Security

The proliferation of applications used in business today is integral to the way we generate and access information, whether via the cloud, mobile or laptop devices. A recent industry report revealed that network security continues to be better funded than application security, which has a dramatic impact on business performance. Meanwhile, accountability for the security […]

Phishing Attack Demonstrates Complex Attacks Against People Are On The Rise

Phishing up 74% in Q2 2015

A newly-detected Gmail phishing attack sees criminals hack and then rifle through inboxes to target account owners’ contacts with thoroughly convincing fake emails. The new attack uses the file names of sent attachments and applies that name into new attachments that appear to be PDFs but are actually images that, when clicked, send victims to […]