Hacker Leaks 1.3 Million Accounts From Staffing Platform

A hacker has reportedly leaked 1.3 million accounts from staffing platform Elance onto an underground hacking forum. The leaked database also allegedly contains hundreds of thousands of Yahoo and Gmail accounts. According to Yogev Mizrahi of data breach notification website Hacked-DB, the hack in which information of over 1 million registered users was stolen happened in […]

How Connectivity Is Opening Up Infrastructure Across Africa

In the Western world utilities are often taken for granted. The majority of citizens live in a house with water, electricity and gas automatically connected and monitored on meters; very few will even consider the prospect of life without what they see as basic necessities. There is no starker contrast to the Western world’s approach […]

“Invisible” Attacks: Cybercriminals Breach Enterprises in 40 Countries Using Hidden Malware

Banks, telecommunication companies and government organisations in the US, South America, Europe and Africa are among the top targets, with the infamous GCMAN and Carbanak groups the primary suspects. Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a series of “invisible” targeted attacks that use only legitimate software: widely available penetration-testing and administration tools as well as the […]

Protecting Your Business From Data Breaches and Cyberattacks

While organizations of all sizes can save a lot of time and money these days thanks to technology, not to mention develop a whole business idea around the use of it, the downside of our digital age is how rife cyberattacks are. Hacking is unfortunately on the rise and often targeted against businesses. As noted […]

Announcing PAN-OS 8.0 – Palo Alto Networks Biggest Launch Yet


It’s no secret that attackers and their methods have become more targeted, sophisticated, and automated. What followed is also an evolution in needs and demands of security teams to tackle new threats and risks. To address the ever-changing threat landscape and provide organizations with the best security capabilities possible, security vendors must continue to evolve […]

Social Media Phishing Attacks Increased By 500% During 2016 – Proofpoint Q4 Threat Summary

Social Media Meets Customer Care

Researchers from Proofpoint have issued their Quarterly Threat Summary from Q4 2016, which analyses threats trends across email, mobile and social media. The report is available here and also takes a look back across the whole of 2016 and discusses significant changes in the threat landscape. The key findings include: Social media phishing attacks increased 500% from beginning […]

Lastline Illuminates Advanced Malware Behaviors To Defeat Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks

Spring 2017 Release of Market-leading Malware Protection Solution Eliminates Browser-based Exploits, Accelerates Incident Investigation, and Alerts on Anomalous Network Traffic. LONDON, UK. Lastline Inc., the leader in advanced malware protection, announced its latest enhancements to Lastline Enterprise for Global 5000 companies. The Spring 2017 Release adds capabilities to detect and eliminate browser based-attacks, speed incident investigation for security […]