The Ins and Outs of Online Love Scams

According to Statista, the online dating sector in the US amounts to $1,389M in 2017. With more and more love being found online, it is important to remember that it’s not all fun and games. The exciting world of online dating can be a perilous one. There are a number of threats aside from a […]

Teaching Staff To Respect The Risk Of A Data Breach

Data Breach Responsibility

Last year was another one characterized by constant, confusing, and highly consequential data breaches. At this point, all organizations need to take this persistent threat seriously. Yet research by the Ponemon Institute reveals that just 35 percent of respondents who are familiar with their companies’ data protection and privacy training programs feel that executives prioritize […]

Insecure Car-Controlling Android Apps Could Lead To Car Theft

After testing seven Android apps from seven popular car makers, security experts from Kaspersky Lab concluded  that many mobile applications contain basic security flaws that could facilitate the theft of modern, connected cars. Their research shows that despite cars being a very expensive product, car makers don’t value the security of their apps the same […]

Survey: Global Geopolitical Changes Driving Data Privacy Concerns And Increases Encryption Usage

Only 29% of respondents say they have high levels of confidence in their organizations’ ability to secure and protect encrypted communication San Francisco, RSA Conference 2017 –  Venafi®, the leading provider of protection for cryptographic keys and digital certificates, today announced the results of a survey of 918 security professionals attending the 2017 RSA Conference. The survey […]