Mirai Malware Now Targeting Windows

Following the news that the Mirai botnet has once again evolved to make a Windows botnet, Alex Mathews, Lead Security Evangelist at Positive Technologies commented below. Alex Mathews, Lead Security Evangelist at Positive Technologies: “There was never any doubt amongst the security industry that the Mirai botnet would evolve to inlcud other types of devices. “More dangerous […]

Infographic Recap: 10 Biggest Cyber Crimes And Data Breaches

You may not think you’re at risk of a cyber-attack, but in today’s digital world, it’s a huge problem. Hackers can learn anything about you by stealing data, such as social security numbers, computer passwords, credit card information, health care data, bank account information, and more. According to an IBM study, as reported by CBS, […]

NY State Regs For Financial Services Companies

Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work

Following the news that New York State’s new Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies take effect on March 1, 2017.  IT security experts from CipherCloud, InfoArmor, NuData Security commented below. Willy Leichter, VP of Marketing at CipherCloud: “A state the size of New York can effectively create nationwide requirements. A similar trend started 15 years ago when California passed S.B. 1386, […]

Global Cybersecurity Organization To Refocus Its Operations On Strategic Growth

Disrupt Simda Botnet

ESET appoints new leaders for business, technology and operations. ESET announced a major refocus of its operations to grow by appointing three new leaders to its key departments of business, technology and operations. The change in the company’s management will bring significant results across the organisation, not only pushing it into the top global IT security vendors, […]

Vehicle Technology And Aviation Bill: Manufacturers Must Also Take Responsibility

Following the news that Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill unveiled the need for insurance to covers drivers both when they are in control and when the vehicle is in charge. Dik Vos, CEO at SQS commented below. Dik Vos, CEO at SQS: “While the benefits of self-driving vehicles speak for themselves, there are currently a few teething problems with these […]