World Back-Up Day – The Perfect Time To Reflect On The New Political And Regulatory Landscape

How businesses must adopt greater strategic back-up flexibility The fast-changing regulatory and political landscape, not to mention the rising sophistication of cyber criminals, puts massive pressure on corporate data governance. The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will see more stringent rules around the handling of data in the European Union, even for UK business […]

Hackers Targeted German Parliament Using A Malvertising Campaign

Following the news that hackers targeted German parliament using a malvertising campaign to direct a compromised Israeli news site to redirect users to a malicious site. Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Western Europe at Infoblox commented below.  Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Infoblox: “This recent attack adds to the growing trend for malvertising attacks, in […]

Europe Will Go All In For Crypto Backdoors In June

Social Media Meets Customer Care

Following the news that the European Commission are looking to push for backdoors access for apps in June, making it easier for security agencies to access data on social media services like Whatsapp. With the EU looking to clamp down on social media apps that hide user communications, Lee Munson, Security Researcher for Security and Privacy Advice […]

Keep The Security Light On Without Burning Out

At BC Aware Day in Vancouver this past February, I was lucky enough to attend Jack Daniel’s InfoSec Survival Skills talk. Check out the recording or find Jack at a local security conference near you. Jack’s talk focuses a lot on the stresses and triggers we deal with as security practitioners and the coping mechanisms […]

Ransomware: Towards An Internet Of Hostages?

“Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted . . . nobody can decrypt your files until you pay and obtain the private key . . . You only have 96 hours to submit the payment”.  Not the sort of message that anyone wants to see, but increasingly the very situation that […]

Almost 40 Per Cent Of Industrial Computers Faced A Cyberattack In The 2nd Half Of 2016

On average two-in-five computers, related to the technological infrastructure of industrial enterprises, faced cyberattacks in the second half of 2016. This is a finding from Kaspersky Lab’s report “Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems. The second half of 2016.” The percentage of industrial computers under attack grew from over 17 per cent in July 2016 […]

Fraudster Behind The Million Dollar Operation Windigo Malware Pleads Guilty

Top U.S. Cities for Online Fraud

London, UK.  Three years after ESET published its investigation of Operation Windigo and the actors behind the Linux/Ebury campaign, one of the co-conspirators – Maxim Senakh, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and to commit wire fraud before U.S. District Judge Patrick J. Schlitz of the District of Minnesota. ESET researchers helped the Federal Bureau […]

IBM Report That Reports The Amount Of Leaked Data Has Risen By 566%

The 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index was released in the US yesterday. The report states that the number of leaked records grew from 600 million to more than 4 billion by the end of 2016 – an increase of 566%. Richard Amstey, EMEA CTO at Intralinks, a Synchronoss company commented below. Richard Anstey, CTO EMEA […]

Applying AI To Access Management

A branch of artificial intelligence is showing real promise for one of cybersecurity’s biggest challenges. Administrators trying to secure networks have a big problem, speed. Computer systems deal with traffic on a per-second basis, and security algorithms must spot attacks in that traffic in real time to stop intruders sneaking in unnoticed. That makes cybersecurity […]