CloudPets Breach

Following the news of the CloudPets Data Breach, Tod Beardsley, Director of Research at Rapid7 commented below. Tod Beardsley, Director of Research at Rapid7: “The tragic tale of CloudPets indicates at least four distinct failures when it comes to securing IoT. I’d characterise this confluence of vulnerabilities as catastrophic. CloudPets rolled out a service that relied on an […]

IoT Connected Toys Data Breach

Internet of Things (IoT) car from being hijacked

Following the news that Spiral Toys, parent company of the popular CloudPets line of internet-connected toys, was hacked, exposing personal messages and information, Cybersecurity experts from FireMon, Imperva, InfoArmor and Lieberman Software commented below. Paul Calatayud, Chief Technology Officer at FireMon: “I like to call IoT the IoMT as in the Internet of Malicious Things, and […]

Are There Enough Boffins To Outsmart The Bots?

If a computer can outsmart us playing chess, what is the next move for mankind? If an automated botnet can easily take control of your car, do personal safety issues drive you round the bend? The proliferation of devices and the adoption of new technologies, such as of the internet of things (IoT), has revolutionised […]

France & Germany Plans For Backdoor Encryption

evildoers aren’t in our midst

Following the recent news that the technology industry has hit back at proposed plans by France and Germany to force EU member states to backdoor encryption for the police, Jason Ginsberg, Senior Director at Echoworx commented below. Jason Ginsberg, Senior Director at Echoworx: “No-one can argue with the fact that if intelligence agencies and the […]

Ransomware Attacks Targeted Hundreds Of MySQL Databases

Hundreds of MySQL databases have been hit in ransomware attacks, which were described as “an evolution of the MongoDB ransomware attacks,” according to security vendor GuardiCore. Travis Smith, Senior Security Research Engineer at Tripwire commented below. Travis Smith, Senior Security Research Engineer at Tripwire: “The evolution of database targeted ransomware started with MongoDB and transitioned to Elasticsearch.  These two products could be […]