The Future Of Cyberattacks: Are You Quantum-Ready?

The Internet of Things is no longer science fiction. If it’s not in your home already, it will be shortly, and IoT will only grow more pervasive in the coming years. Soon, just about every “thing” that exists will be connected to every other “thing.” That concept is incredibly exciting—and incredibly dangerous. Many of us […]

Government’s Post-Brexit Digital Strategy

Following the news about Government’s post-Brexit digital strategy, Dr Jamie Graves, CEO at ZoneFox  commented below. Dr Jamie Graves, CEO at ZoneFox:  “Although the Government’s digital strategy is encouraging, currently the lack of detail is concerning. So far, the initiative fails to pinpoint factors such as how it will be measured to ensure its success. Britain doesn’t […]

Step Up To The Pragmatic Cyber Security Challenge


There is a shortage of skill in the disciplines of Cybersecurity – but at the same time, such skills are in high demand, driven by the high levels of Cyber-Attacks, Cyber Criminality, and regular breaches and compromises of big name organizations. Thus, companies are seeking out skills from qualified and competent professionals to assist with securing systems, data, and […]

New Global Cybersecurity Report Reveals Misaligned Incentives, Executive Overconfidence Create Advantages For Attacker

Intel Security, CSIS Survey: Only half of IT staff agree with executives that their cybersecurity strategies have been implemented  HIGHLIGHTS  New report from Intel Security, CSIS, finds three key areas of misaligned incentives that advantage cybercriminals: Between fluid attackers and bureaucratic defenders Between organisational strategy and real-world/actual implementation Between executives and implementers who measure success […]

Financial Firms In New York Face New Regulations On Cybersecurity

Board Level Cybersecurity Literacy

Major financial firms operating in New York will face stiff cybersecurity obligations under a new regulation introduced in the city. The rules address a broad range of cybersecurity issues, from the maintenance of written policies, governance and auditing, to detection, defence and response measures, testing requirements and incident reporting. Tim Erlin, Director, Security and IT Risk Strategist […]

Forcepoint Researchers Work To Identify A New Piece Of Malware – The Minature Monero Mining Botnet

Throughout February, researchers at Forcepoint have been identifying a new and unusual piece of malware – the miniature Monero mining botnet. Just like the California Gold Rush attracted amateurs lured by the promise of easy money (the original ’49ers’), a low barrier-to-entry is tempting unskilled individuals to take up cryptocurrency mining. In January 2017 it was reported that the Sundown Exploit Kit was […]

A Strong Scam Assault On Irish Emails Detected, Faking Irish Sites

ESET Ireland finds new scams faking Irish Revenue, Irish Water and Irish Motor Tax correspondence, linked to phishing sites registered from China. Cybercriminals know that familiar names of services or institutions can fool people into believing they’re receiving legitimate correspondence and make them click on things they shouldn’t be clicking on. That is why, tailored for […]