New Ransomware Variant Spreads Through Shared Docs

Security researchers have spotted a new variant of the TorrentLocker ransomware that has the ability to spread through shared documents on the infected computer. The variant is currently making its way through Denmark, and according to VirusTotal has been circulating almost undetected, with only 3/55 Anti-Virus software managing to spot the malware. Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO at Bromium […]

Severe Security Vulnerabilities In Home, Business And Industrial Robots

Linux worm targeting Routers, Set-top boxes and Security Cameras with PHP vulnerability

Following the news that IOActive released a report  exposing numerous vulnerabilities found in multiple home, business and industrial robots on the market today. IT security experts from Synopsys, Synack and prpl Foundation commented below. Mike Ahmadi, Global Director – Critical Systems Security at Synopsys: “The consequential damage of a hacked robot, or any hacked system, […]

Rise In Online Fraud

Following the news about the research from the New Forter-Merchant Research Council shows that the EMV chips in credit cards are pushing fraud online. The new study shows online fraud up by 8.9% in 2016 with apparel retailers and food delivery businesses hit the hardest. Robert Capps, VP of Business Development for NuData Security commented below. Robert Capps, VP […]

Luxembourg State Servers Attacked By Hackers

62% Increase in DDoS attacks

Following the news that Luxembourg state’s Internet infrastructure has been the target of a malicious cyber attack, Ben Herzberg, Security Research Group Manager at Imperva Incapsula commented below. Ben Herzberg, Security Research Group Manager at Imperva Incapsula: “Organizations need to prepare for DDoS attacks, and know ahead of time what they will do when an attack hits them. […]

Source On New York State Cyber Security Regulations

Following the news about the growing threats from cyber-attacks to financial institutions, New York State officially implemented new regulations that require banks and insurers to meet certain cyber security standards. But many are concerned that, with the range of threats facing organizations, the regulations will fall short of truly protecting consumers and organizations from breaches […]

Trump Seeks ‘Historic’ U.S. Military Spending Boost, Domestic Cuts

Following the news that President Donald Trump is seeking what he called a “historic” increase in defense spending, but ran into immediate opposition from Republicans in Congress who must approve his plan and said it was not enough to meet the military’s needs. Ryan Kalember, SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint commented below.  Ryan Kalember, SVP of […]

Business Intelligence And Security Are Teaming Up

The digital age has given rise to a plethora of new possibilities for data storage and sharing. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries are enjoying a larger amount of capabilities than ever before. That said, these new opportunities and advantages do not come without a cost. Security is more important than ever in […]