That #Cloud Thing

We live in the age of economic downturn, placing both the Private and Public Sectors in a very tight financial corner. This same economic downturn has been driving Commercial, and Government leaders to seek out opportunities to reduce spend, to balance the organisational books a little closer to the black side of the accounting scale. […]

StoneDrill Malware Supersedes Shamoon, Has Both Data Wiping And Spying Features

There have been a handful of wiper malware attacks in the wild in the last decade with Shamoon’s destruction of more than 35,000 workstations at Saudi Aramco in 2012 and the Dark Seoul attacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment the most high profile. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault commented below. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault: “Kaspersky suggest […]

SailPoint Survey Confirms Enterprises Have GDPR On Their Mind

75 percent recognise the important role identity governance plays within GDPR compliance plans  LONDON, UK. SailPoint, the leader in identity management, surveyed customers and attendees at this week’s Gartner IAM Summit about their plans for meeting compliance requirements associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which goes into effect in 2018. Of approximately 100 […]

Hidden Backdoor Discovered In Chinese IoT Devices, Leaving Them Open To Exploitation

IT Professionals Forced to Adopt Smart Devices

Security researchers announced  that they have discovered Chinese IoT devices containing a hidden backdoor. This enables access by the manufacturer and leaves the devices open to exploitation by others, which despite the researchers following the responsible disclosure process, has repeatedly been left exposed by the vendor. Zach Lanier, research director at Cylance commented below. Zach […]

Columbia Sportswear Sues Former Exec After Creating Dummy Account To Access Data

Columbia Sportswear suing its departing IT Senior Director after he created a dummy account on Columbia’s computer system and used it to access corporate data hundreds of times? Péter Gyöngyösi, Product Manager at Balabit commented below. Péter Gyöngyösi, Product Manager at Balabit:  “Even though such stories don’t usually get as much publicity as large-scale data breaches, […]

Consumer Reports To Consider Cyber Security In Product Reviews

30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

A recent announcement from Consumer Reports, an influential US group that conducts extensive product reviews, suggests that they are gearing up to start considering cyber security and privacy safeguards when scoring products. IT security experts from LogMeIn and Allot Communications commented below. Ryan Lester, Director Of IoT Strategy at Xively by LogMeIn: “No matter the product, security needs […]

Proton Malware Uses Real Apple Code-Signing Signatures

Researchers have spotted a piece of malware that has somehow gotten hold of genuine Apple code-signing signature. Tim Helming, Director, Product Management at DomainTools commented below. Tim Helming, Director, Product Management at DomainTools: “This latest Mac malware shows that OSX, like all other targeted operating systems, is vulnerable to several types of attacks. One particularly nasty malware […]