Kaspersky Lab Comment On WikiLeaks Disclosure

On Tuesday, 7th March, WikiLeaks published thousands of documents. The documents are alleged to show tactics and tools employed to, among other things, break into computer devices from leading manufacturers, to circumvent installed security solutions and even lay a trail of false flags. Kaspersky Lab believes, along with many of its colleagues across the security industry, […]

Seven Solid Strategies For Preventing eCommerce Credit Card Fraud

Retailers are often held financially accountable for credit card fraud. In this regard, ecommerce enterprises are particularly at risk because in every case it’s a “card not present” transaction. In a time when expedience is a competitive advantage, it becomes important to balance speed of processing orders against talking steps to ensure each transaction is […]

Brexit Worries Scuppered By Spring Budget

Following Phillip Hammond’s Spring Budget, Lee Murphy, Owner at Accountancy Software Pandle commented below. Outlines:  How the Pound’s seven-week low will be turned around by falling corporate tax rates How SMEs will benefit from business rate cuts Why the Making Tax Digital delay was not only welcomed, but expected Lee Murphy, Owner at Accountancy Software […]

Story Idea: Emory Healthcare Hack, Security Experts Weigh In

Following the news about the healthcare hack at Georgia-based Emory clinic, which is the largest reported to-date in 2017, exposed 80,000 patient files. IT security experts from Proficio and Tufin commented below. Ken Adamson at Proficio: “Cybercriminals will always be drawn to where the easy money is. The ROI for stolen patient records has dropped significantly, as nearly a […]

Targeted Ransomware Attacks Middle Eastern Government Organisations For Political Reasons

Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence research arm, has recently observed attacks against multiple Middle Eastern government organizations using a previously unseen ransomware family – based on embedded strings within the malware, Unit 42 has named this malware ‘RanRan’. Rather than being purely financially motivated, the ransom note specifically attempts to extort a political statement by […]

10 Important Cyber Security Tips For Small Business Owners

Summary: Small businesses are generally not well secured due to being labeled as small businesses, but their security threats are not necessarily small. On any given day, they can fell to the hacking, malware, ransomware and data breaches due to their cheap and dated protection. But with the few steps, you can avoid such cyber […]

Aggressive Ad-Displaying App Tricks Users Into Leaving High Ratings On Google Play

ESET researchers have observed an increased number of apps on Google Play using social engineering techniques to boost their ratings, ranging from legitimate apps, through adware to malware. Among these falsely high-ranking apps, an aggressive ad-displaying trojan was spotted, installed by up to 5000 users as a tool to download content from YouTube. The app, […]