New Mirai Botnet Slams US College With 54-Hour DDoS Attack

What appears to be a new version of the Mirai malware was behind a massive DDoS attack that targeted an unnamed US college and lasted for 54 hours straight, reports cyber-security firm Incapsula, who was providing DDoS mitigation service for the affected college. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security commented below. Sean Newman, Director at […]

Who Is In Control Of TLS?

IT security is not very hard at all. Provided, you only consider one security issue to the exclusion of all other concerns. What makes security so difficult is the need to address more than one security issue at once and to balance security concerns with the need to get the job done. For two decades, the […]

Europe Will Go All In For Crypto Backdoors In June

Following the news that the European Commision is looking to push for backdoors access for apps in June according to EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation: “I sincerely hope this will not happen because it is simply not going to work and […]

Cyber Security Global Collaboration – ISBuzz Expert Panellists’ views

As part of our expert panel question series, we have the following question for the month of March 2017 to our expert panel members.   Cyberattacks has no boundaries and hackers usually collaborate across boundaries, while law enforcement agencies not. How can we collaborate at global level to fight against these new type of attacks with […]

Security Researchers Hack AWS Virtual Machines

A group of security researchers say that they can extract information from an Amazon Web Services virtual machine by probing the cache of a CPU it shares with other VMs in the cloud.  While largely theoretical, the research shows why many organisations are willing to pay for dedicated instances in the cloud, and points to potential security […]

Office 365 Privacy Flaw

Buzzfeed has reported a possible flaw in Office 365 whereby files are uploaded publicly by default rather than privately to, which just so happens to have a search function. IT security experts from FireMon, Comparitech, Synopsys and Alert Logic commented below. Paul Calatayud, Chief Technology Officer at FireMon: This is a good example of awareness when it […]