Malicious SysAdmin

Following the news that a former IT administrator, working at a cowboy boot manufacturer in the US, has pleaded guilty hacking the servers and cloud accounts of his employer after they fired him should act as a warning to organisations of the damage a malicious employee can cause. Leo Taddeo – Chief Security Officer at […]

Double Attack: What Are Fileless Banking Attackers Really After?

Hacking costs UK businesses £34 billion

One day bank employees discovered an empty ATM: there was no money, no traces of physical interaction with the machine, and no malware. After Kaspersky Lab experts spent time unwinding this mysterious case, they were able to not only understand the cybercriminal tools used in the robbery, but also reproduce the attack themselves, discovering a […]

The Hunt For The Dawn Of APTs: A 20 Year-Old Attack That Remains Relevant To A Modern APT

Kaspersky Lab and Kings College London researchers, looking for a link between a modern threat actor and the Moonlight Maze attacks that targeted the Pentagon, NASA and more in the late 1990s, have unearthed samples, logs and artefacts belonging to the ancient APT. The findings show that a backdoor used in 1998 by Moonlight Maze to tunnel information […]

Samsung’s Android Replacement Has 40 Unknown Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

An Israeli cybersecurity researcher has uncovered 40 unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung’s operating system Tizen. The vulnerabilities “would allow someone to remotely hack millions of newer Samsung smart TVs, smart watches, and mobile phones already on the market, as well as ones slated for future release, without needing physical access to them.” IT security experts from Lastline, […]

Airports And Nuclear Power Stations On Terror Alert From Cyber Threat

The leading story in the weekend’s Telegraph was that Britain’s airports and nuclear power stations have been told to tighten their defences against terrorist attacks in the face of increased threats to electronic security systems. Security services have issued a series of alerts in the past 24 hours, warning that terrorists may have developed ways […]