Forcepoint Warn Of Healthcare Targeting Ransomware

Forcepoint security labs has identified a form of ransomware, first documented back in September 2016 that targets healthcare organisations. ‘Philadelphia’, believed to be a new version of ‘Stampedo’ currently shows patterns that could be the beginning of a widening targeting campaign, extending beyond US perimeters. Sold for just a few hundred dollars and promoted on […]

Hackers Take Down Entire DNS For Brazilian Bank

Details have emerged as to how hackers managed to take down the entire DNS infrastructure of a Brazilian bank in order to rob customers in October of last year. By using certificates from Lets Encrypt, the thieves were able to transfer all 36 of the banks domains to phony websites, where unsuspecting users would give […]

Anonymous #OpIsrael Participants Targeted With RATs By Unknown Threat Actor

U.S. Department of Justice Cyber Attack

Following the news that Anonymous members who wanted to participate in this year’s annual #OpIsrael cyber-attacks were the targets of an intelligence gathering operation carried out by an unknown threat actor. Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS commented below.  Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS: “Activists who desire to participate in these Anonymous-led operations […]

Don’t Pay For What Is For Free: Malicious Adobe Flash Player App Found On Google Play

Based on ESET’s notice, Google has removed another malicious app from its official Android app store. It had received 100,000-500,000 downloads since November 2016. Unlike typical downloaders, ransomware and similar nasty stuff, this app – named F11 – did not contain any harmful code. Instead, it relied purely on social engineering, tricking users into paying […]