Compromised WordPress Websites Host Sathurbot Trojan

Sathurbot: Distributed WordPress password attack This article sheds light on the current ecosystem of the Sathurbot backdoor trojan, in particular exposing its use of torrents as a delivery medium and its distributed brute-forcing of weak WordPress administrator accounts. The torrent leecher Looking to download a movie or software without paying for it? There might be associated risks. […]

Yahoo’s Ripple Effect: The Multi-Factor Imperative

Late last year on the eve of a $4.8B sale to Verizon, Yahoo announced that its servers had been breached yet again to the tune of one billion compromised accounts, double that of the hack announced just three months earlier. The day after the announcement, Bloomberg reported that Verizon’s legal team was “working toward either […]

ESET Uncovers Sathurbot, Distributed WordPress Password Attack

Sathurbot backdoor trojan uses torrents as a delivery medium to compromise weak WordPress administrator accounts. Looking to download a movie or software without paying for it? There might be associated risks. It just might happen that your favourite search engine returns links to torrents on sites that normally have nothing to do with file sharing […]

Unit 42 Uncovers New Google Android Malware, And ‘Fake News’ Strategies

Malicious Android App

Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks’ threat intelligence research arm, has uncovered evidence of links between attacks using two new malware families and two families of Google Android malware. This has been discovered as part of work on preventing and detecting targeted attacks in the Middle East. The attackers favour using URL shortening services to disguise […]

Researchers Uncover Ongoing Attacks Against IoT Devices

malware detection

Researchers have uncovered a rash of ongoing attacks designed to damage routers and other Internet-connected appliances so badly that they become effectively inoperable. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of Web Security Company High-Tech Bridge commented below. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “Unfortunately, many manufacturers of IoT devices ignore even the very basic aspects of their devices’ security. Millions of devices […]

McAfee Labs Report Highlights Critical Challenges To Threat Intelligent Sharing

 McAfee catalogues 176 new cyber threats every minute, almost three every second; ransomware grows 88%, mobile malware grows 99% in 2016  NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Threat intelligence sharing undermined by data volume, validation, quality, speed and correlation challenges McAfee Labs detected 176 new cyber-threats every minute, almost three every second in Q4 2016 Ransomware grew 88% in […]