911 Vulnerable To DDoS Attack

Last week Amarillo, Texas, also experienced an outage with its 911 system. In this instance, the huge volume of this traffic was accidental, although certainly not difficult for anyone with malicious intent to replicate in a DDoS attack; overloading the inbound call-taking capabilities of a center and staff, effectively taking them out of service. Stephen […]

FireEye Blog: Microsoft Zero-Day Vulnerability

FireEye identified vulnerability CVE-2017-0199 that allows a malicious actor to download and execute a Visual Basic script containing PowerShell commands when a user opens a Microsoft Office RTF document containing an embedded exploit. As you may know, they worked with Microsoft and published the technical details of this vulnerability as soon as a patch was made […]

At The Right Place, At Just The Right Time: UAVs For Industrial Safety And Security

In recent years, automated drones have been responsible for major time and money savings as well as improved business processes, effectively revolutionizing the way many companies conduct their daily operations. Within a wide range of organizations in industries, however, there is probably no one more grateful for automated drones than those in charge of safety […]

Next Generation Of Managed Security Services

managed service provider

In its recent Cybersecurity Market Review (Q1 2017), Momentum Partners stated that, “Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is the next generation of Managed Security Services well-positioned to address the enormous market opportunity in the mid-market and enterprise.” Additionally, Gartner estimates that by 2020, 15% of midsize and enterprise organizations will be using MDR, up from just 1% today. Mark […]

Phishing Emails: The Warning Signs

Don’t be a victim to phishing email scams. At the end of February 2017, close to 3,000 citizens of the state of Idaho may be the victims of identity theft thanks to the convincing efforts of a scammer. The scammer sent emails to the employees of a sugar company that posed as an official email […]

Amnesia Malware Turns DVRs Into Botnet Slaves

According to a blog post from IT security company Palo Alto Networks, a new variant of the IoT/Linux botnet Tsunami, which it calls Amnesia, targets an unpatched remote code execution vulnerability that was publicly disclosed over a year ago in DVR  devices manufactured by TVT Digital and branded by over 70 vendors worldwide. This vulnerability affects approximately 227,000 devices […]

New Ransomware Discovery From Forcepoint

Forcepoint Security Labs has identified a new form of ransomware called “CradleCore” – a crimeware kit that is currently being offered to cybercriminals looking to own custom ransomware. “Cradle Ransomware” as it is also being known is peculiar in the sense that it is being sold as source code. Typically, ransomware is monetised by developers using […]

Imperva Discover A Modern Day ‘Nigerian Prince’ Cyber Scammer


The Imperva Defence Centre research team have taken a deep dive into a specific phishing attack and the person behind it, discovering a new meaning to the term, ‘Nigerian prince’ (those notorious advance-fee scams of the 90s). Their research lead to an attacker who went by the email address: lvrxdnona@gmail.com. Investigation of Lvrxdnona’s server provided some […]

Cyber Attacks Knock Millions Off FTSE Share Prices

Following the news that investors have lost £42billion due to cyber breaches in the past year. Raj Samani, Chief Scientist at McAfee commented below. Raj Samani, Chief Scientist at McAfee: “This latest research revealing the detrimental impact cybercrime can have on an organisation’s market value should serve as a warning to corporations across the globe. Data breaches damage […]

How To Avoid Being Lost In The IoT Explosion


IoT is having a profound effect on business. 57 per cent of all global businesses have adopted IoT practices and 72 per cent of those believe their company is more profitable since embracing IoT. With this large scalability, however, comes the potential for catastrophe. More connected devices bring new business challenges around scale, interoperability, security and the management of […]