New Android BankBot Targeting Mobile Consumers

Graham Cluely is among those reporting: BankBot Android banking malware targets hundreds of apps on Google Play; The trojan’s deobfuscated data reveals its true intentions. “The app appeared legitimate other than the fact that someone had infected it with the trojan probably around 8 April 2017, which was the last time it had received an update. A closer […]

Cyphort Introduces The Anti-SIEM

It’s not a SIEM.  But it does address SIEM user dissatisfaction with a software platform that combines advanced threat detection with correlated security analytics, auto mitigation capabilities – and a lot less. Santa Clara, CA – Cyphort Inc., Today unveiled a powerful security analytics platform that empowers enterprise security teams with the prioritized, actionable intelligence required […]

Karmen Ransomware Variant Introduced By Russian Hacker

Intended Audience: CISO / CIO / Security Directors Threat Intelligence Analysts Technical Content: Low Summary  On March 4, 2017, a member of the underground forum Exploit with the username “Dereck1” mentioned a new ransomware variant called “Karmen.” Further investigation revealed that “DevBitox,” a Russian-speaking cyber criminal, was the seller behind the Karmen malware on underground […]

Best iOS Reverse Engineering Tools

E-Series Solutions

Basically, you need to reverse engineer an app or a feature when you do not have source code, but still need to know how it works. If it sounds a bit suspicious to you, here are some all-legal business situations when reversing comes at hand: Researching and fixing complicated software issues Improvement of the interaction […]

Cyber Security: The Bad Guys Are Organised, So We Have To Be Too

30-day cyber security sprint

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses, political institutions and individuals is cyber security. For example, a recent report found that hacking attacks on UK businesses has cost investors £42bn, and a severe breach leads to a company’s share price falling, on average, by 1.8 per cent. As well as protecting data and preventing hacks, one of the […]