Infoblox On DDoS Attack On FCC Site

Following the news that the FCC site was subject to a DDoS attack last night, Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Infoblox commented below. Dr Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Infoblox:  “We’re increasingly seeing cyberattacks used with political intent: from the release of emails from newly elected French President Macron’s party just two days before voters went […]

Alert: Threat Spotlight – New Infostealer ‘Paipeu’ Observed In The Wild

Cylance’s Threat Guidance Team has detected and examined an unattributed infostealer malware named Paipeu (Korean for ‘Pipes’) which steals information using named pipes and has a hard coded South Korean IP address. It is extremely rare that Cylance’s research team encounters a piece of freshly compiled code, which cannot be assigned to any of the already known […]

Your Chrome Extensions May Be Spying On You

Google is a highly innovative Tech company specializing in internet related products and services. Over the years, Google has transformed into a multi-billion dollar empire with a broad range of products and ingenious features, with Chrome extensions being one of them. In a world of web browsers, security experts and geeks are of the opinion […]

RSA Extends Identity Assurance To The Cloud

RSA SecurID® Access Offers Flexible Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication Options  MUNICH, GERMANY – KuppingerCole European Identity and Cloud Conference –  RSA, a Dell Technologies business, extends its authentication market leadership with a series of new capabilities for its RSA SecurID Access solution. Enhancements include a cloud-based Authentication-as-a-Service option aimed at delivering seamless access to both on-premises and […]

The Senate’s Proposed DIGIT Act

The DIGIT Act has been reintroduced in the Senate and is legislation that would promote the internet of things (IoT) industry in the US,  help define global interoperability standards and technology innovation, while encouraging a secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT).A group comprised of federal and private-sector representatives would be created to work to […]

Guardian Soulmates Users Fall Victim To Data Breach

Following the News that users of Guardian Soulmates have been targeted with sexually explicit spam emails after their contact information was accidentally exposed on the dating site. Information from users’ profiles was included in the spam messages. IT experts from Lastline and NuData Security commented below. Marco Cova, Senior Security Researcher at Lastline: “This breach is good reminder […]

Intel Chip Vulnerabilities Highlight IoT’s Big Achilles Heel

Following the news that there is a massive flaw in Intel chips that allows hackers to remotely takeover large number of devices without even needing to enter a password. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation: “Firmware vulnerabilities are the most dangerous because by […]

A Variety Of Email Threats In Irish Mailboxes

ESET Ireland looks at a few recent cyber threats arriving by mail in recent weeks, ranging from Tesco Bank phishing to a secret ‘Hungarian admirer’. It’s a numbers game that the cybercriminals are playing. Send out enough spam and a certain percentage of victims will click. So, week after week, we’re seeing new scams or […]

Rich? This Ransomware Will Charge You More To Unlock Your Encrypted Files

Security Encryption

Following the News about a new strain of ransomware that is automatically adjusting its ransom demand for unlocking decrypted files depending on where in the world the victim is, with targets in richer parts of the globe forced to pay higher rates. Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity commented below. Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One […]