Kaspersky Lab Report On DDoS Attacks In Q1 2017: The Lull Before The Storm

The first quarter of 2017 has confirmed the forecasts about the evolution of DDoS attacks made by Kaspersky Lab experts following the 2016 results. It also demonstrates that cybercriminals need a rest too. Despite the growing popularity of complex DDoS attacks continuing into the first quarter, there was a noticeable decline in the number of […]

HP Patched Keylogger Function

Hackers Compromising User Accounts

Following the news that HP has now patched the keylogger function installed with its audio drivers, Kyle Lady commented below. Kyle Lady, Sr R&D Engineer at Duo Security: “Any sort of 2FA that is “out of band”—uses a different communication channel than the keyboard—can protect you from a keylogger. This include push-to-mobile-app, U2F security key, […]

May Patch Tuesday 2017

I’m sitting in a conference room at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas and contemplating all the different vulnerabilities that have been discovered recently. Last week there were two pretty significant security threats: the Intel vPro vulnerability and the Google Docs phishing scam. The Intel vulnerability is a particularly nasty vulnerability. The vulnerability has existed for […]

Windows Defender Vulnerability

It recently transpired that Windows Defender had a critical vulnerability which allowed hackers to turn its scanner function into a malware installer.Hackers could create files booby-trapped with malicious code, and this code is executed inadvertently and automatically by the scanner while inspecting messages, downloads and other files. Although the fault has now been fixed, it […]

Fraud Trends From Over 325,000 Fraud Cases Recorded In 2016

The Fraudsters Faithful Friend

Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service released a new report detailing the fraud trends from over 325,000 fraud cases recorded in 2016. The data, from 387 organisations, including many major UK brands, is one of the most comprehensive pictures of fraud and fraudulent attempts made in the UK. Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at fraud mitigation specialists, NuData Security commented below. […]

Cybersecurity Industry Reaction To Trump Executive Order

Following the News that Donald Trump has signed an executive order on cybersecurity, that makes clear that agency heads will be held accountable for protecting their networks, and calls on government and industry to reduce the threat from automated attacks on the Internet, IT security experts from Lastline, CA-based Cyphort Labs, Los Angeles-based Lieberman Software, Portland, OR-based Tripwire, Plixer, Nozomi Networks, Cyxtera […]

DDoS Attack Knocks Out Major French News Sites Including Le Monde And Le Figaro

A DDos attack on Portland-based company Cedexis, which helps in speed delivery of content, knocked out several major French news websites including Le Monde and Le Figaro. The attack comes days after French President Emmanuel Macron said his campaign was hacked. IT security experts from ESET’s, Corero and Infoblox commented below. Mark James, IT security specialist at […]