The Ultimate Price Political Correctness (PC)

I like many others I have been saddened and outranged by the occurrences which took place in Manchester, and in London, with the loss of so many lives in the name of the Islamic faith. However, before I get into this article please, please let us be clear that this is not a matter of […]

How To Wrestle A Ball Of Snakes

Digital transformation projects are increasingly high priority for businesses, for very clear reasons. A recent survey by Axians found that 42 per cent of network managers believe that their organisation’s network doesn’t fully meet the needs of the business. This is despite 76 per cent agreeing that the CIO has 100 per cent visibility of […]

Short, Stealthy, Sub-Saturating DDoS Attacks Pose Greatest Security Threat To Businesses

New DDoS Trends and Analysis Report warns of “Trojan Horse” DDoS Attacks intended to disrupt and distract network operators from more destructive security threats Marlborough, MA and London, UK – The greatest DDoS risk for organisations is the barrage of short, low volume attacks which mask more serious network intrusions, according to the latest DDoS Trends and […]