Industroyer – Biggest Threat To Critical Infrastructure Since Stuxnet Discovered

Following the breaking news that ESET discovered ‘Industroyer’, a malware that is the biggest threat to critical infastructure since Stuxnet (the malicious worm that was responsible for causing substantial damage to Iran’s nuclear program), IT security experts commented below from cyber security professionals on this latest discovery. Paul Edon, Director at Tripwire: “Historically Industrial networks have used airgap […]

New Survey Shows Security Teams and Software Developers Can Get Along in Pursuit of Better Security

30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

DevOps Processes Provide Meeting Ground for Collaboration and Change BURLINGTON, Mass. Veracode, a leader in securing the world’s software, and acquired by CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA), today announced the results of a study examining the relationships between application developers and security teams. The study, conducted in conjunction with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), shows that despite the pervasive belief that security […]

Microsoft Patching Windows XP+ – To Plug Holes Exploited By Trio Of Leaked NSA Weapons


It has been reported that Microsoft will be patching Windows XP+. This emergency fix contains previously released patches for Windows bugs exploited by NSA exploits leaked by the Shadowbrokers. In response to this news, Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity has offered some insight as to whether this is a good idea, and what implications it […]

US Blames North Korean ‘Hidden Cobra’ Group For Cyber Attacks Since 2009

News broke yesterday that the U.S. government issued an alert on the activities of a hacking group it called “Hidden Cobra,” saying the group was part of the North Korean government. The joint alert from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that “cyber actors of the North Korean government” had targeted […]


Following the news about hackers allied with the Russian government have devised a cyberweapon that has the potential to be the most disruptive yet against electric systems. The malware, which researchers have named CrashOverride, is known to have disrupted an energy system in Ukraine last December. Ladislav Zezula, Malware Researcher at Avast commented below. Ladislav Zezula, […]

Record Breaking DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are gaining speed according to the latest Nexusguard Q1 2017 DDoS Report. The report shows that DDoS attack volumes have increased by 380% since the same time last year, based on 16,600 attacks. Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing at Plixer commented below. Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing […]

Gloucester City Council Fined £100,000 After Heartbleed Hack

It was reported today that The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has hit Gloucester City Council with a £100,000 fine after hackers took advantage of the Heartbleed flaw months after it had been patched. The full story can be found here. Paul Farrington, Manager, EMEA Solution Architects at Veracode commented on this news below. Paul Farrington, Manager, EMEA Solution […]

Wombat Study Reveals Personal Security Habits Of 2,000 US, UK Workers

‘User Risk Report’ finds distinct differences in personal security habits and vulnerabilities among international respondents  PITTSBURGH – Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), the leading provider of cyber security awareness and training, today announced the release of its “2017 User Risk Report,” which provides an analysis of admitted personal security behaviors of U.S. and U.K. workers that play a major role in securing […]

RaaS For Mac

News has broken today that two new forms of malware have emerged (one spyware, the other ransomware) that target Macs specifically and are being offered for free on the dark web by their creators. Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast commented below. Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast:   “The discovery of new ransomware […]

Urgent Call For Regulatory Action Around Defibrillator Drones

With the news that defibrillator drones are being used to save lives before ambulances arrive, Colin Bull, Principal Consultant Manufacturing and Product Development at SQS, the software quality specialist, discussing the possibility of these devices becoming compromised by cyber criminals. Colin is advocating the introduction of regulation around the use of drones to ensure that these […]