University College London (UCL) Has Suffered A Major Ransomware Attack

The latest news has reported that UCL has been hit by a severe ransomware attack that disrupted systems and forced the IT Team to block access to shared drives. Commenting on the attack is Paul Edon, Director at Tripwire and Dean Ferrando, Systems Engineering Manager (EMEA) at Tripwire, who believe ransomware attacks won’t be going away anytime soon but have given […]

Why Your Security Awareness Training isn’t Working, and What to Do Instead

At this point, everybody knows phishing is a threat. But then, it’s difficult to deny. As Verizon points out, over 90 percent of data breaches include a phishing or social engineering component, including many of the high profile breaches we all read about each week. In fact, from a security perspective, phishing is the single […]

Facebook Uses AI In Fight Against Terrorism

In a blog post yesterday, social media giant Facebook said that it will use artificial intelligence (AI) to find and remove terrorist content before other users see it after the platform was criticised for not doing enough to tackle extremism. Homer Strong, Director of Data Science at Cylance commented below. Homer Strong, Director of Data Science at Cylance: “Overall this direction is […]

North Korean WannaCry Responsibiltiy

With Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre confirming suspicions that North Korea was responsible for last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack, Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast commented below. Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast: “The NCSC is essentially confirming the rumours that have been swirling around since the WannaCry outbreak last month. Coupled with […]

UK’s Fraud Hotspots Revealed By Which?

Given today’s report from consumer watchdog which highlighting the UK’s fraud hotspots (full coverage on BBC News) that have been most prominently hit bycomputer viruses, malware and spyware; fraud; online retail fraud; and social media hacking, Peter Carlisle, VP of EMEA at Thales e-Security commented below in response to this story. Peter Carlisle, VP of EMEA at Thales e-Security:  “These […]

Dramatic Increase In Malware Attacks On SMBs

Malware attacks on small-to midsized (SMB) businesses in the US jumped 165% in the first quarter over the same period last year, according to a new Malwarebytes study. Michael Patterson, CEO of Plixer commented below. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer: “All companies and organizations are hit by infection attempts every day.  Preventative measures, like firewall rules […]

Cybercriminal Arrests

Investment from Malware Attacks

In response to the recent news that four UK cyber-criminals have been arrested amid an NCA crackdown, Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast provides an insight below. Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at Avast: “The business of cyber-attacks can be viewed as exactly that, a business. Cyber-criminals, like those just arrested in the UK, are as opportunistic as […]

Samsung Left Millions Vulnerable To Hackers Because It Forgot To Renew A Domain

News broke earlier this week that Samsung, the most popular smartphone maker in the world, left millions of customers vulnerable to hackers after it let expire a domain that was used to control a stock app installed on older devices, security researchers say. Tim Helming, Director of Product Managment at DomainTools commented below. Tim Helming, Director of Product Managment at DomainTools:  “Over […]

E-Cigarettes Can Be Used To Hack Computers


News broke yesterday that E-cigarettes can be used to hack computers. Many e-cigarettes can be charged over USB, either with a special cable, or by plugging the cigarette itself directly into a USB port on a computer, security researchers warn that your computer could actually be compromised by the simple act of charging a vape pen with just […]

Embrace A Secure Mobile First Strategy

THE RISE OF MOBILE One of the most disruptive trends in IT, both in the consumer space and in the enterprise, has been a progression towards mobility. Whether it be employees accessing corporate data on corporate owned mobile devices or the rise of BYOD initiatives for cell phones and laptops, IT professionals in organizations large […]