Breach At UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme

UK’s Best Cyber Security Talent

Following the news that the operation behind the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme has suffered a breach exposing the email addresses of registered consultancies, IT security experts from Positive Technologies, AlienVault and Avast commented below.  Leigh-Anne Galloway, Cyber Security Resilience Lead at Positive Technologies: “The UK. gov’s Cyber Essentials scheme suffered a breach that allowed an attacker to access the contact […]

Final Fantasy XIV Hit By DDoS Attack, Square Enix Working To Fix

It is being reported that, beginning June 16 and continuing through today, players of Final Fantasy X1V have noticed that the game isn’t performing as expected. The publisher has announced that an influx of players is not the issue and, in fact, they have been experiencing DDoS attacks from “an anonymous third party”. Robert Hamilton, Director at Imperva Incapsula […]

US Judge Losing $1m In Email Fraud Scam

Email Security Risks

Following on from the story of a US judge losing $1m in an email fraud scam, John Wilson, Field Chief Technology Officer at Agari commented below. John Wilson, Field Chief Technology Officer at Agari:  “This attack is so much worse than business email compromise because it targeted an individual, who instantly lost years of her […]