How To Reduce Your Chances Of Falling Foul Of Ransomware – And How To React If You Do

Luke Potter, SureCloud’s Cybersecurity Practice Director, looks at what organisations can do to minimise the risk of a falling victim to a ransomware attack – and offers advice on how to respond if you do The WannaCry ransomware attack took the world by storm last month, successfully claiming 200,000 victims across 150 countries – and […]

TÜV SÜD Appointed Certified Body For UK Government’s Cyber Essentials

TÜV SÜD United Kingdom has achieved Certified Body status for the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials programme, which is designed to protect organisations from cyber security threats. Organisations certified by TÜV SÜD can promote that their IT systems comply with a Government-endorsed standard, demonstrating that they are protecting their own and their customers’ data by having a robust and secure IT environment. Cyber Essentials is now mandatory for […]

Linux’s Systemd Can Be Pwned Via An Evil DNS Query

News broke yesterday that Systemd, the Linux world’s favorite init monolith, can be potentially crashed or hijacked by malicious DNS servers. Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools commented below. Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools: “While any buffer overflow that allows remote code execution is serious, there are a couple of mitigating factors which should (we hope) keep the […]

Rebuffing Ransomware: Common Sense Advice From CompTIA

The Petya ransomware attack – the second major global cyberattack in two months – left a trail of locked computers and compromised networks in some 65 countries around the world. Like the WannaCry attack in May, Petya this week exposed weaknesses in cybersecurity defenses. It also reinforces the notion that it’s a case of when, not if, […]

NotPetya Ransomware Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What has happened? A new outbreak of ransomware, a form of malware which encrypts your files and demands a ransom payment to recover them, has hit organisations globally. It appears to be a derivative of the previously seen Petya ransomware, but with some differences. Many researchers have cast doubt on whether this really is a […]

Security Serious Week In Search Of The UK’s Unsung Heroes

Second Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards open for nominations as search gets underway to unearth those at the coalface of cyber security  Eskenzi PR, the driving force behind Security Serious , has today announced the second annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards are now open for nominations.  The awards recognise the people, not products, on the front lines of […]

A Drone Flying Too Close To Gatwick Airport Led To The Disruption

A drone flying too close to Gatwick airport led to the disruption on a number of flights, Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee commented below. Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee: “This drone was able to cause a huge amount of disruption in a short amount of time. While the authorities are still […]

AA Exposed Emails, Credit Card Data, But Didn’t Tell Customers

AA exposed emails, credit card data, but didn’t tell customers, Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge commented below. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO at High-Tech Bridge: “At the moment, I would abstain from blaming anyone for the incident. Many important technical details are not clear yet, moreover some claims are contradictory. A verified journalistic source says that […]

Advice From A Tech Giant: PCM Details Handling Petya/NotPetya

Impact to date: Initial indications report the infections began spreading across Europe, with first infections in the Ukraine, where over 12,500 machines were affected by the malware. Infections have spread across 64 countries so far, including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the United States. The latest victims in the U.S. : Pittsburgh, where Valley Health […]