The Cybersecurity Landscape Is Changing Constantly Due To IoT Amongst Other Factors

We all know that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Amid a backdrop of constantly evolving technology, attack methods and tools with which to protect our data, the situation has only become more complex. For all their additional complexity, businesses have accepted the reality that to remain competitive, they must embrace new technology with open […] Logins Breached

The Year the Data Breach Got Personal

News is surfacing that the French domain name registrar and cloud hosting company,, has had a security breach after hackers got hold of valid login details to one of the company’s technical providers. The hackers were then able to divert traffic for over 750 domains to a malicious website. Gandi has issued an incident […]

Insurance Not Enough To Counter Cyber Threats

Today, Lloyd’s of London issued a report that predicted a global cyber threat that could potentially trigger $53billion in economic losses. Andrew Clarke an EMEA Director at One Identity commented below. Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity:  “As the world races forward consuming one technology break-through after another – each step along the road is often ignoring one of […]

Singapore’s Draft Cybersecurity Bill

Broken news that draft cybersecurity bill Singapore recently released, Tim McElwee, Co-Founder, President and Chairman at Proficio commented below. Tim McElwee, Co-Founder, President and Chairman at Proficio: “Based on the shortage of qualified people and resources in the region, and the high demand that this new bill requires, Singapore businesses would benefit greatly by leveraging the cybersecurity technology expertise offered by managed […]