Ted Malvertising Campaign

Rough Ted, a malvertising campaign has affected companies in 150 countries according to the latest Check Point Global Theat Impact Index. The malvertising delivered links to malicious websites along with scams, adware, exploit kits and ransomware. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “The amount of […]

Malware Signs, Symptoms And Solutions

Like it or not, your computer is constantly under the threat of a malware attack. As G Data Software notes, about 22 million new malware samples were discovered in the first quarter of 2017. Last year, a new specimen of malware came into existence every 4.6 seconds. With malware being so common, and our dependence on our […]

Dow Jones & Co. Data Leak

Following the news that the sensitive personal and financial details of nearly 2.2 million Dow Jones & Co. customers were inadvertently exposed due to a configuration error on a cloud storage server, Christiaan Beek, Lead Scientist and Principal Engineer at McAfee commented below. Christiaan Beek, Lead Scientist and Principal Engineer at McAfee: “Companies today are battling an increasingly […]

IoT Warning From FBI

The Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3), a division of the FBI, has issued a public service announcement about the improper security and privacy protections provided by manufacturers of Internet-connected smart toys, also known as IoT toys. The announcement comes after numerous issues were reported where smart toys had leaked the personal details of small children and vulnerabilities […]

Be Careful, Amazon Alexa Is Listening To What You Say…

News has surfaced that Amazon is considering handing transcripts of everything Alexa hears over to third-party developers, with the aim to get better at doing customer service. The Information reports that some teams already have access to full recording data, though it’s not clear which developers get added to that list and why. With security concerns raised […]

MSPs Are At Risk Of Getting Stuck In A Cybersecurity Rut, Kaspersky Lab Report Warns

As the global managed services market is expected to reach £187 billion by the end of 2022, cybersecurity is no longer seen as a separate or optional function among MSPs. Instead, it has become an integral part of the IT services they deliver — with customer satisfaction, and the ability to keep security incidents to a minimum, […]

UK Energy Grid

Energy Grid Vulnerability

In light of the news from GCHQ this morning that hackers may have compromised the UK energy grid in June- please find a comment below from Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox on why this news should not come as a surprise. Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox:  “The news that […]

Bank Heists Possible Due To Flawed Code

Criminals can Brute Force or Intercept Credentials to Two in Three Remote Banking Applications The total number of critical vulnerabilities in financial applications fell in 2016, however the overall severity level of the identified vulnerabilities grew significantly. The most common vulnerabilities relate to flaws in mechanisms for identification, authentication, and authorization of users with two […]