After Phishing Attacks, Chrome Extensions Push Adware To Millions

It has been reported that  developers of Chrome browser extensions have lost control of their code after unidentified attackers compromised the Google Chrome Web Store accounts used to issue updates; twice in five days! In both cases, the attackers used the unauthorized access to publish fraudulent updates that by default are automatically pushed to all Chrome users […]

Does Cloud Computing Offer Cyber Security?


High-profile cybercrime such as data theft, ransomware and computer hacks seem to be occurring more frequently and with higher costs, but cloud computing may provide the security that companies are searching for, experts suggest. “Cloud computing improves IT security and security professionals need as much help as possible,” said Nick McQuire, vice president of enterprise research at CCS […]

New Personal Data Legislation And Cybersecurity

Following the news that the government is set to introduce a new Data Protect Bill that will give people the right to have all their personal data deleted by companies, IT security experts commented below. Justin Coker, Vice President EMEA at Skybox Security: “Organisations are in the midst of GDPR compliancy work so the government […]