Instagram Hacked, Celebrity Contact Details Revealed

Instagram Rolls out two-factor Authentication

It has been reported that Instagram has revealed a flaw in its systems revealed “a number of” stars’ phone numbers and email addresses to cyber-attackers.The Facebook-owned social network has emailed verified members, usually prominent figures, to let them know. It said it believed “one or more” attackers had targeted high-profile stars to get their contact information. Instagram said passwords […]

Vulnerabilities Found In Nearly Half A Million Pacemakers

According to the latest news, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has identified serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the patch of ‘Abbott’ implantable cardiac pacemakers. As a result, more than 450,000 devices need to be reprogrammed, and several of the vulnerable models have been recalled in the US. Kaspersky Lab has been investigating the problem of […]

Security Vulnerabilities Found In AT&T

Why Cultural Values are Key to Security

The researchers have found five holes in the firmware running on Arris modems, three of which are hardcoded backdoor accounts. An attacker could use any of these three accounts to access and take over the device with elevated privileges — even root — install new firmware, and ensnare the modem in a larger botnet. According […]

Malware Infections Are Inevitable: How You Can Protect Your Organization From Such Risks?

Malware Ranks First

A number of companies nowadays seem to be unperturbed by the rash of malware attacks that have occurred in recent months. Even certain system administrative and security tools have been compromised in incidents of new-generation malware wreaking havoc in various countries worldwide. Email security provider Proofpoint, in its quarterly report, cited: “Threat actors appeared to […]

Pacemaker Devices Recalled After Fear Of Being Hacked

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recalling nearly half-a-million pacemakers from St Jude Medical (now Abbotts) after finding at the beginning of this year that the devices could be hacked. Leading cyber security experts have had their comments on the news. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation: “With IoT, the main cause for concern […]

Phishing Attack On MacEwan University

CareerBuilder phishing attack

This week, MacEwan University in Canada lost $9.5million due to a spear phishing attack. A write up by the BBC explained that, “fraudulent emails convinced staff at MacEwan University that one of its clients was changing its bank account details. Staff then paid money into the fraudulently created account”. In response to this, Levine, former […]

REPORT: Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report – Half Of Organisations Exposing Customers To Payment Fraud

Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report demonstrates a link between payment card security standard compliance and the ability to defend against cyberattacks Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report (PSR) Highlights: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps protect payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data Of ALL the payment card data breaches Verizon investigated, […]

Instagram Hack – Kaspersky Lab Analysis

Kaspersky Lab researchers provide technical details of Instagram vulnerability exploited by hackers to grab sensitive account info As reported by Instagram yesterday, criminals have been exploiting a bug in Instagram that allowed them to steal the credentials of Instagram users, including celebrities. Kaspersky Lab researchers who noticed the bug notified Instagram on Tuesday, 29 August and have shared […]