New Survey Of Contact Centre Agents Reveals The Dire State Data Security

New research has been released by Semafone revealing the dire state of contact centre security. The survey found that 72% of agents who collected payment data or other PII over the phone still require customers to read their information aloud – exposing sensitive data to the agent and call recordings. Tom Harwood, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer […]

Dissecting KRACK – Understanding The WPA/WPA2 Threat

Luke Potter, head of cybersecurity at SureCloud, examines the KRACK vulnerability and provides steps for guarding against it This week, several vulnerabilities in the WPA and WPA2 protocols that would enable an attacker to decrypt wireless network packets, and even inject into the network traffic on the wireless network directly, were publically disclosed. This would […]

BREAKING NEWS: Mozilla Considers Distrusting Dutch Government Certificate Authority

30-day cyber security sprint

Mozilla is considering distrusting the Dutch government’s Certificate Authority due to concerns over the country’s new security laws which grants security services broad powers it intercept and read encrypted messages. And with the UK government continue to push for restrictions on encryption, the battle between Mozilla and the Dutch government could be a prelude to […]

Security Challenges Delay Enterprise Migrations To The Cloud, New AlgoSec Survey Shows

Enterprises embracing hybrid cloud, but need better visibility and security management processes to accelerate cloud application deployment, and prevent cyberattacks and compliance violations Most enterprises face major challenges when managing security across their hybrid enterprise networks both during and after cloud migrations, according to the new ‘Hybrid Cloud Environments: The State of Security’ survey from AlgoSec, the security […]

Heathrow USB Data Breach

A USB memory stick containing highly sensitive Heathrow security data, including details of the Queen’s route to the airport and her security measures, was found lying in the street over the weekend. IT security experts commented below.  Geoff Webb, Vice President, Product Marketing and Solutions Strategy at Micro Focus: “It’s definitely not the first time that a lost USB stick […]

Coinhive’s DNS Hack Was Due To Password Reuse

News broke yesterday morning that an unknown hacker hijacked Coinhive’s DNS server and replaced the legitimate Coinhive JavaScript in-browser miner with a malicious version that mined Monero for the hacker’s own wallet. Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools commented below. Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools:  “This incident illustrates perfectly how DNS credentials are, in many cases, the keys to the […]

The Blame Game: Identifying The Culprit During Security Incident Response

cyber attack

After a serious IT security incident is discovered, the priority is to shut it down and recover quickly in a cost-effective manner. However, management will want to find the root of the problem so that they have a place to point the finger, but this is often easier said than done. Security incidents require a […]

Get Remote Access To Corporate PCs For Just $3 Thanks To The Dark Web

Dark Web

Security experts have found that Dark web vendors are now selling remote access to corporate computers for as little as $3 (£2.28). Dark web marketplaces have begun increasingly selling credentials to hacked Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers, which allow hackers to spy on and steal data from companies without using malware. Tyler Reguly, Manager of Security Research and Development at […]

Twitter Transparency

Twitter has announced that it will make the identity of any ad purchaser, the ad itself and those targeted by the ad available for anyone to review. This news comes in the wake of possible Federal legislation that would force tech companies like Twitter to disclose political ads. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. […]

DNS Audits: What You Need To Know

Any organization that has online facing assets needs to realize that having a single point of failure is a bad idea. As we saw with the Mirai botnet attack against a managed DNS provider in October, losing a mission-critical service like DNS can be devastating to organizations that are dependent on online access or services […]