How To Ease Executives’ Concerns About Moving To The Cloud

Believe it or not, cloud computing has been around in practice (if not in name) since the 1950s. Back then, computers cost millions of dollars per machine, so companies shared them to cut costs. It wasn’t until 50 years later, in 2006, that we began to call CPU time-sharing “cloud computing.” At an industry conference that year, […] – Companies Storing Genetic Data Risk Huge Fines Under GDPR

Following news that has been forced to change a controversial policy regarding their usage of customers DNA data; revoking a clause that said they could store it ‘in perpetuity’, Andy Waterhouse, EMEA Director at RSA commented below. Andy Waterhouse, EMEA Director at RSA: “People are right to be concerned. This incident exemplifies why we need GDPR. […]

The People-Centric Approach To Network Security


Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam explains why adopting a people-centric approach to network security can significantly reduce the risk of breaches The rising tide of cyber threats has placed the issue of network security in the spotlight. These days, protecting against insider and external threats has become a business imperative – one that […]