Uber Reveals 2.7 Million British Users Hit By Data Breach

Earlier today it was reported that around 2.7 million British customers and drivers were affected by a 2016 data breach, which was covered up until last week. It means the majority of Uber users in the UK were affected by the hack, which saw names, email addresses and phone numbers stolen. IT security experts commented below. Christopher […]

NSA Breach Spills Over 100GB Of Top Secret Data

Earlier this week it was reported that NSA suffered a breach that revealed top secret data. A virtual disk image belonging to the NSA — essentially the contents of a hard drive — was left exposed on a public Amazon Web Services storage server. The server contained more than 100 gigabytes of data from an Army intelligence […]

Young Children At High Risk Of Emotional Damage From Accessing Adult Content

New Generation of Cyber Risks

Kids are only ever three seconds from online danger at home as parents unintentionally neglect to protect young children Parents are not toddler-proofing their online world, with a huge 87 per cent of parents admitting that they don’t restrict how much time their young children spend online – three-year olds are spending more than four hours […]

Bitcoin Reaching $10,000


Dr. Daniele Bianchi, Assistant Professor of Finance at Warwick Business School: “Despite fears about the Bitcoin ‘bubble’ bursting, the price of the new digital coins is going through the roof. Indeed, the increasing demand pressure from investors and speculators makes the case for an even further increase in Bitcoin prices in the near future. “As […]

Europol Seizes 20,000 Rogue Websites


News broke yesterday that Europol have seized control of 20,000 rogue websites, peddling drugs and counterfeit goods on the dark web, in a major blow to the online black market. Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Cybersecurity Threat Researcher at DomainTools commented below. Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Cybersecurity Threat Researcher at DomainTools:  “The shutdown of these underground marketplaces are becoming ever more commonplace. The shutdown of […]

Apple Rushing To Fix System Flaw That Allows Anyone Access To Machine

Malware Infection in Apple App Store

It has been revealed that a dangerous flaw has been discovered within Apple MacOS Sierra, which makes it possible for anyone to gain entry to the machine without a password and access administrator rights. Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire commented below. Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire:  […]

Exim Email Server Vulnerability

The news of the remote code execution vulnerability that impacted the Exim Email Server over Thanksgiving is just now reaching the thousands of administrators who rely on this application to handle email for their enterprise. While it’s relatively simple to mitigate this issue for organisations running Exim in their environment, it needs to be done quickly. Tod Beardsley, […]

How Secure Are The Most Popular Crypto Currencies Mobile Apps?

unsafe mobile applications

We tested the most popular crypto currency mobile apps from Google Play for common vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Over 90% may be in trouble. Introduction Over 1,300 crypto currencies exist today with over $308,694.631,252 market capitalization (at the moment of this post publication). One of the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin has almost reached $10,000 price after several […]

Scarab Ransomware Protection Tips

SAP Data

News reporting a major new ransomware campaign using the infamous Necurs botnet to spread via millions of spam emails. The Scarab ransomware was sent to 12.5 million email addresses in the first four hours alone, according to Forcepoint. IT security experts commented below. Jim Walter, Senior Research Scientist at Cylance: “This is an example of where modern, […]