Amazon Launches New Delivery Service “Amazon Key”

Following the latest news from Amazon, who plan on launching “Amazon Key”, a new delivery service which will provide couriers with access to people’s homes to deliver packages inside, Adam Maskatiya, UK and Eire General Manager at Kaspersky Lab commented below. Adam Maskatiya, UK and Eire General Manager at Kaspersky Lab: ‘IoT has revolutionised our […]

8 Tips To Securely Dispose Of End Of Life Data Assets

In preparation of GDPR, it is vital that your business has a process in place to securely and responsibly dispose of end of life data assets. Getting a robust process in place and educating your staff is crucial – not only to protect your own business data, but also to protect any data you may […]

Oh DUHK! Encryption Security Issue Found

Security researchers have discovered a new DUHK cryptography attack which can be exploited to recover encryption keys that could expose VPN connections, payment data and other sensitive business information. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation: “This is yet another lesson to manufacturers and […]

80% Of Businesses Plan To Change Their IT Security Management In The Next 12 Months

New report from SolarWinds MSP outlines a huge opportunity for service providers, with half of businesses planning to outsource security within the year   SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and managed service providers (MSPs), has found that four out of every five businesses across […]

Cybersecurity As A Strategic Initiative For The Board Of Directors

Cybersecurity has dynamically evolved into a complex, ongoing threat for any company if they value their business. Cybersecurity should take center stage as a  strategic issue for companies, employees and customers. Additionally, no one company or person is immune to the latest threats online. Those who sit on the board themselves are high value targets […]