Dangerous Ransomware Arriving As Fraudulent Eir Bill Email

ESET Ireland is warning Irish computer users against opening an attachment to a faked Eir email, as it contains dangerous ransomware, which will lock your files and demand payment to unlock them. ESET Ireland has come across another dangerous spam email. This one pretends to come from Eir and says:   “Dear customer, Your bill […]

Adobe Flash Vulnerability Exploited By BlackOasis Hacking Group To Plant FinSpy Spyware

Adobe Flash update

It has been reported that Security researchers have discovered a new Adobe Flash vulnerability that has already been exploited by hackers to deploy the latest version of FinSpy malware on targets. Kaspersky Lab researchers said a hacker group called BlackOasis has already taken advantage of the zero-day exploit – CVE-2017-11292 – to deliver its malicious […]

The Changing Face Of Personal Banking

Contactless payments, instantaneous transfers, chip and pin — the way we bank and manage our money has changed dramatically over the past few years. A report from UK. Finance and EY for example stated that 19.6 million people in the U.K. used banking apps last year, and a senior figure within HSBC made the claim that “I really do think […]

Dating With Hackers: Users Of The World’s Most Popular Apps Face Serious Security Risks

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered multiple vulnerabilities contained in popular dating apps. The consequences of this for users range from simply identifying a particular person, to unsecured data transmissions and the leaking of personal information. After analysing nine popular global services, we found that some of them provide very low levels of data protection. Dating apps have become popular […]

Mining Malware: Signals Of A Shift In Cybercrime

Since 2015 ransomware has presented cybercriminals with the easiest and most effective method to take money from unsuspecting users and organizations. Before this, other cyber threats have had their moment in the sun: worms, phishing, fake antivirus, and banking trojans are just a few examples. But as fashions and seasons change so do the tactics […]

Phishing Campaign Targeting Ethereum Users

In response to new phishing campaign targeting users of the online Ethereum wallet website Myethereumwallet.com, Stephen Burke, Founder and CEO at Cyber Risk Aware commented below. Stephen Burke, Founder and CEO at Cyber Risk Aware:  “The main points of note here are that cyber criminals are leveraging the same tricks as always The URL closely matches […]

Senate Hearing Regarding Russian Ads To Influence Presidential Election

During the Senate hearing in Washington, Facebook admitted that as many as 126 million people amy have seen Russian ads designed to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “One thing is clear from the ongoing Senate Judiciary […]

ONI Ransomware

Security researchers have discovered that attackers have been using the ONI ransomware to hide an elaborate hacking campaign that targeted Japanese companies which went undetected for months. IT security experts commented below. Josh Mayfield, Director at FireMon: “Ransomware has several capabilities that are now becoming widely known.  Specifically, ransomware has the ability to capture files and total systems and shut them […]