Ordinypt, The Mysterious New Ransomware Strain Destroying Files In Germany

News broke yesterday of a new ransomware discovered by security researchers from G Data Security, which is targeting German users, and intentionally destroying files, with the initial email and ransom note also written in German. Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline commented below. Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline:  “Ordinypt, is a mysterious case. The method of infection has […]

YouTube Crackdown On Disturbing Videos Aimed At Children

YouTube has announced measures designed to restrict children’s access to disturbing content – particularly videos showing children’s characters in violent or sexual scenes. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “With technology being such an everyday commodity, kids are becoming more and more tech savvy […]

700 Apps Leaves Millions Vulnerable To Eavesdropper Flaw

It has been revealed that security researchers have discovered that tens of developers have left API credentials in hundreds of applications built around the Twilio service. This in turn can allow a hacker global access to metadata in the developers Twilio accounts, including messages, call metadata and recordings. Josh Mayfield, Director at FireMon commented below. Josh […]

Cybersecurity Professionals See Pay Rise

A salary survey conducted by Hays has revealed that the demand for cybersecurity skills is pushing up pay rates for the profession by more than 10%. The results have been drawn from the pay increases won by cybersecurity workers. The trend is also driven by the skills shortage in the sector, as well as the […]

The Cybersecurity Landscape Is Changing Constantly Due To IoT Amongst Other Factors

We all know that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Amid a backdrop of constantly evolving technology, attack methods and tools with which to protect our data, the situation has only become more complex. For all their additional complexity, businesses have accepted the reality that to remain competitive, they must embrace new technology with open […]

Google Adds New Features In Chrome To Fight Malvertising

News broke overnight that Google are adding three new features to Google Chrome in order to block websites that redirect users to new URLs without user or website owner consent, landing a massive blow for security professionals against malvertising campaigns. IT security experts commented below. Lisa Baergen, APR, MCC, Marketing Director at NuData Security Inc.: “The news that an estimated quarter million logins are stolen […]