How Secure Are The Most Popular Crypto Currencies Mobile Apps?

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We tested the most popular crypto currency mobile apps from Google Play for common vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Over 90% may be in trouble. Introduction Over 1,300 crypto currencies exist today with over $308,694.631,252 market capitalization (at the moment of this post publication). One of the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin has almost reached $10,000 price after several […]

Scarab Ransomware Protection Tips

SAP Data

News reporting a major new ransomware campaign using the infamous Necurs botnet to spread via millions of spam emails. The Scarab ransomware was sent to 12.5 million email addresses in the first four hours alone, according to Forcepoint. IT security experts commented below. Jim Walter, Senior Research Scientist at Cylance: “This is an example of where modern, […]

SecureLink Finds Organisations Failing To Implement Basic Security Practices

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68% of Organisations do not encrypt sensitive data SecureLink – Europe’s largest independent cybersecurity and Managed Security Service provider, today warned that organisations are failing to implement the most basic security practices to keep their networks safe and data secure. From its assessments of 100 organisations 68% were discovered not encrypting sensitive data, despite the […]

2018 Predictions From SQS CEO

Customer Data has been Stolen

AI will make a medical breakthrough In the realms of the medical sector, software is capable of solving complex problems which would take humans an inordinately long period of time to achieve. As AI becomes less dependent on computing capacity, I expect that next year we will see some major medical research breakthroughs with very […]

NHS To Spend 20mill On Cyber Security

It has been reported that the NHS Digital, the IT arm of the National Health Service, has secured a £20 million budget to spend on establishing a new cyber security centre, which will constantly scan for attacks and probe the organisation’s own defences using ethical hackers. The NHS will use the money to create ‘a […]

Hackers Exploit Office Flaw Using Cobalt Malware To Command PCs

Security researchers have brought to light a Microsoft Office flaw that existed for 17 years was being exploited by hackers who were delivering malware that had the capabilities of commanding infected systems. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault commented below. Chris Doman, Security Researcher at AlienVault: “Cobalt strike was originally built as a tool for penetration […]

McAfee Labs Previews Five Cybersecurity Trends For 2018

McAfee forecasts developments in adversarial machine learning, ransomware, serverless apps, connected home privacy, and privacy of child-generated content NEWS HIGHLIGHTS McAfee Labs predicts an adversarial machine learning “arms race” between attackers and defenders Ransomware to evolve from traditional PC extortion to IoT, high net-worth users, and corporate disruption Serverless Apps to create attack opportunities targeting […]

Apple macOS High Sierra Security Flaw: Highlighting A Gap In Enterprise Security

News is emerging about a flaw in MacOS High Sierra which allows hackers to gain access to machines without a password and gain coveted admin rights. IT security experts commented below. Lee Munson, Security Researcher at “It wasn’t that long ago that Apple was winning the desktop security space by a large margin, primarily through the advantage of […]

Collaboration Is Needed In Cyber To Defeat Next Major Threat

There has been a call for the cyber security industry to collaborate more to combat against the next big cyber threats with some experts anticipating a major attack before Christmas. IT security experts commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “We see many bad actors sharing tools, techniques, and processes when crafting new attacks. […]