How To Manage Your Software And Hardware Assets.

Building an embedded and sustained Information Infrastructure is at the very center of most organisations today. Be it for a digital transformation initiative, compliance, cyber security or a pure cost efficiency initiative. Increasing number of organisations are looking to optimise their IT Infrastructure effectively than ever before. But how exactly do you manage these assets […]

Windows 10 “Hello” Facial Reco Is Easily Hacked & Fooled

In response to the news that hackers have fooled the Windows 10 facial recognition with a mere photo, VASCO Data Security, leaders in multifactor authentication commented below. David Vergara, Head of Global Product Marketing at VASCO Data Security: “That hackers found a way to spoof Windows 10 Hello facial recognition as they did with the iPhone […]

2018 Cybersecurity Predictions

2017 has been a busy year for cybersecurity. Between massive data breaches including Verizon, Equifax, Sonic, Uber, and the infamous “Paradise Papers”; ransomware variants like Wannacry, NotPetya, Locky, GoldenEye, and Jigsaw; and data leaks from major players including the US Air Force’s security clearances, several of the CIA’s confidential documents, and the records of Californian voters, […]

Getting Serious About IoT Security Starts With These 3 Steps

This past October felt as if someone had called open season on IoT devices. One of the biggest headlines surrounded Reaper, the latest in a long line of botnet attacks designed to infect and mobilize countless connected devices by taking advantage of known vulnerabilities. Reaper was initially reported to be among the worst instances of […]

Cybersecurity Predictions From ZeroFOX And Dyadic

James C. Foster, CEO at ZeroFOX, a social media security firm based in Baltimore, give his insight about social media next year. James C. Foster, CEO at ZeroFOX: Social media will be the number one vehicle for ransomware distribution in 2018. Currently, there are nearly one million social media accounts compromised every day, and that number will continue to […]

Tech/Cyber Security Predictions

Orchestration and Automation In 2018, cybersecurity orchestration and automation will increase in both relevance and adoption. This will be driven by the well-documented skills shortage within the sector, alongside the ever-expanding threat landscape. Over recent years, as the number of cyber risks have increased, so too have the alerts coming through various security systems, overwhelming […]

2018: An IT Odyssey

Everything is connected, every surface area is primed for data-capturing IoT, and life is mostly conducted from our phones. Even reality itself is becoming trickier to pin down, whether augmented, virtual or actual. With 2018 nigh, we should expect more of the same. Like a good and/or bad sequel, the stakes will be higher, the […]

2018 – The Year IoT Becomes Mainstream And Disrupts Business Models

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase we have been hearing a lot in 2017, with more and more devices becoming ‘connected.’ We have even seen L’Oreal release a ‘smart’ hair brush. But far from being a gimmick, IoT can drive real improvements in business, such as increased productivity and efficiency. The data collected […]

Half Of Brand Websites Not GDPR Compliant (TheMediaTrust)

Research from Ensighten has cited that four in ten (42 per cent) of all brand websites in the UK are still not GDPR compliant. Matt O’Neill, General Manager (Europe) at The Media Trust commented below. Matt O’Neill, General Manager (Europe) at The Media Trust: “While the countdown for GDPR started months ago it’s not surprising that […]

1998 Cyber Attack Is Back, And Affecting Popular Sites Including Facebook And PayPal

Legislation to Force Companies to Reveal Cyber Attack

According to recent news reports, a 19-year old vulnerability that enabled attackers to decrypt encrypted data and sign communications sites’ secret encryption keys has returned. The vulnerability was disclosed back in 1998 in the TLS predecessor known as secure sockets layer. A recent study found that 27 of the 100 most-visited websites—including Facebook and PayPal—are vulnerable […]