US Department Of Defence Data Leak

Following the news that the US Department of Defence has suffered a data leak, Dan Panesar, VP EMEA at Certes Networks commented below. Dan Panesar, VP EMEA at Certes Networks:  “The latest US Department of Defence ‘Red Disk’ data security leak is yet another indicator of how current cyber security thinking is entirely out of sync […]

Right To Be Forgotten: 75% Of Employees Likely To Exercise Rights Under GDPR

Enterprise Applications

–          Nearly half (48%) of business decision makers say that dealing with requests on this level will  slow down their business, with 5% saying their business would grind to a halt –          Only 1 in 3 firms have successfully conducted a RTBF request –          Board level staff most likely (73%) to request RTBF compared with 47% of junior […]

Hackers Steal UK Air Miles To Pay For Spanish Holiday

Encryption without Impacting Performance

It has been revealed that hackers are exploiting the dark web to steal air miles from UK residents and go on luxury holidays with flights, hotels and car rentals all discounted. The Times reported that one British couple discovered their British Airways Avios points were stolen after a room was booked in Spain under the names […]

New PayPal Phishing Campaign Targeting Users

It has been reported that con artists have been targeting PayPal users with fake payment confirmations, according to the Better Business Bureau. The emails contain links that allow the scammers to install malicious malware on users computers. BBB says the scams look like legitimate emails, and con artists use those emails to access banking and […]

Russia Wants To Launch Its ‘Own Internet’

The Russian government is currently discussing plans to build its own “independent internet infrastructure” that will be used by BRICS member states — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.The plan was part of the topic list at the October meeting of the Russian Security Council, and President Vladimir Putin approved the initiative with a completion deadline […]

100gb Of Data Leaked From National Credit Federation

It has been revealed that over 100gb worth of sensitive data has been leaked from the National Credit Federation including social security numbers, bank account numbers and credit reports via an unsecured Amazon cloud storage server. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “It’s unfortunate to see the […]

Morrisons Liable For Staff Details Breach

Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis: “The court decision sets a precedent and sends a very effective message to UK citizens who have become victims of breaches – they can have their day in court and receive recompense for the stress, worry and sleepless nights. With the GDPR deadline looming in May, companies […]

2018 Predictions From Bomgar: Cybersecurity And ITSM In 2018


“Security professionals tend to think about the ‘latest and greatest’ and the next big thing, such as how AI will be the next great tool in security. But hackers are beating defenses with basic tradecraft. It’s usually not anywhere near the level of sophistication one might think. The challenge companies face is getting security in […]

Cyber Security Science And Technology Strategy

News broken that the Government launched the new Interim Cyber Security Science And Technology Strategy – with the Government’s focus on how technologies can disrupt existing business models and make our economies more productive, this new strategy focuses on how the UK can stay ahead of the cyber threat and make the right policy decisions that adapt […]

Keep Calm And Carry On In The Wake Of The ‘Krack Attack’ Discovery

suffered a cyberattack

Last month, the news that a WPA2 vulnerability was discovered by a researcher from the University of Leuven, hit the headlines. Hailed as one of the most potentially devastating security threats ever found, this universal vulnerability affects the protocol that protects modern Wi-Fi networks, subsequently leaving all Wi-Fi enabled devices open for attackers to decrypt […]