Global Security Spending To Reach $96 Billion In 2018

Developing a Security Strategy

Gartner forecasts worldwide enterprise security spending to total $96.3 billion in 2018, an increase of 8 percent from 2017. Organizations are spending more on security as a result of regulations, shifting buyer mindset, awareness of emerging threats and the evolution to a digital business strategy. IT security experts are commented  below. Tim Woods, Vice President, Technology […]

Ad Fraud Cut For Companies Using TAG Certified Distribution Channels

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain is reporting that a study released by the 614 Group shows that fraud was reduced by more than 83% for those that used the TAG Certified distribution channels for digital advertising. Chris Olson, CEO at The […]

F5 Report: Apps And Identities Initial Targets In 86% Of Breaches

latest retail data breaches

F5 Labs today released a new report, Lessons Learned from a Decade of Breaches, which researches 429 breach cases spanning 12 years, 37 industries, and 26 countries to discover patterns in attacks that lead to impactful incidents or breaches. The data shows: Collectively, attackers started either directly at the web application or attacked a user for their identity in […]

Why A Secure Building Is So Important To Your Business

Every business needs to be secure whether it is big or small. It is important to have a security plan in place so that you can prevent incidents that can damage your business. Why is a Secure Building Important? A secure building will decrease the chance of security threats occurring. By having security procedures in […]

Hackers Steal $60m Bitcoin From NiceHash

News broke yesterday that  “highly professional” hackers made off with around 4,700 Bitcoin from a leading mining service, a Bitcoin exchange has said.The value of Bitcoin is currently extremely volatile, but at the time of writing, the amount stolen was worth approximately $80m. IT security experts commented below. Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist at Forcepoint: “Two Bitcoin thefts – Nicehash and the e-commerce driven Quant malware exploit […]

Digital Forensic And Investigation Capabilities

A question I often get asked relating to Digital Forensic and Investigation Capabilities is ‘what tools are required?’ – a question which is both easy, and difficult to answer. Easy, because the answer is ‘everything’ you need to ‘accomplish’ the task. Hard because, it is dependent on two factors which are as follows: The level […]

2018 Security Predictions From Splunk

Hackers will exploit broader entry points In the coming year, we will see the attack surface growing and evolving as technologies such as mobile communication, cloud computing, IoT and transportation continue to evolve with the digital transformation. In a connected world, there are potential entry points for hackers everywhere – from employees’ smartphones to the […]