1% Of Websites Hacked

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Researchers at the University of California are reporting that one percent of all websites have been hacked over the previous 18 months. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust commented below. Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust: “The recent University of California San Diego study reports what most enterprise IT professionals already know: website security standards […]

Success Rate Of Malware Attacking Enterprise Security

The Hacker’s Playbook Findings Report* reveals that cybercriminals are able to break into enterprise networks with malware on average 60% of the time. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer commented below. Michael Patterson, CEO at Plixer: “Malware penetration during targeted cybersecurity attacks are this high for a couple of reasons. The first is the massive number […]

Most VPNs Can Leak Personal Data, Despite Claims To The Contrary

According to research published today by Paul Bischoff, privacy advocate for Comparitech.com, most top VPN applications can leak data during day-today use, despite their claims to the contrary. VPNs are used to improve users’ security and privacy by offering a safe, encrypted connection over a less secure internet network, but even ones that claim to […]

Blockchain In Government In 2018


Blockchain will evolve from beyond its application in finance and serve its purpose in government for identity, access to services and elections. Frederic Kerrest, COO & Co-Founder of Identity Specialist at Okta commented below. Frederic Kerrest, COO & Co-Founder of Identity Specialist at Okta: “Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, was made popular on the dark web, but its […]

45% Companies Don’t Have Cybersecurity Leader

Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work

A recent survey conducted by a software industrial company indicated that a number of industrial companies are not taking cybersecurity seriously enough. The “Putting Industrial Cyber Security at the Top of the CEO Agenda” survey, that was conducted by Honeywell in collaboration with LNS Research, included responses from 130 strategic decision makers from industrial companies across North […]