Starbucks WiFi Caught Mining Customers Laptops For Cryptocurrency

It has been found that Starbucks’ free WiFi has been hijacking customers’ laptops to mine Cryptocurrency in one of their branches in Argentina. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault:  “It appears as if the Starbucks store wasn’t intentionally running the cryptocurrency mining software, rather the internet service provider […]

Hackers Steal £7.5m Through Targeted ATM Attacks

Following the news that hackers are suspected of stealing nearly $10m (£7.5m) from 20 companies in Russia, the UK and US through targeted ATM attacks, Adam Maskatiya, UK General Manager at Kaspersky Lab commented below. Adam Maskatiya, UK General Manager at Kaspersky Lab: “It’s imperative that banks regularly assess security policies and procedures, including outlying […]

Worlds Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Hit By Cyberattack


News broke yesterday that Hong Kong based Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex fell victim to a DDoS attack, following the SEC warning to investors to ask exchange providers about ‘substantial risks of theft or loss, including from hacking’ in a warning on cryptocurrencies. Igal Zeifman, Security Evangelist at Imperva commented below. Igal Zeifman, Security Evangelist at Imperva:  “As the bitcoin price continues to […]