Continuing In The Face Of Disaster

Disaster Recovery Strategy for 2016

With 73% of businesses having had some type of operations interruption in the last five years, business continuity is becoming a concern for many organisations, especially the SMEs. Business continuity incorporates pre-emptive measures such as cyber-defences to minimise risk, proactive tactics such as system backups in case a problem arises and plans for a reactive strategy, which […]

Apple Issue Fix For Devices At Risk Of ‘Spectre’ Chip Flaw

Following the discovery of a fundamental design flaw in Intel’s processor chips which has now been revealed to affect Apple devices, IT security experts commented below. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “Historically, cybercriminals have focused their attack efforts on devices running Windows, as they’re more commonly used and therefore provide a bigger pool […]

Winter Olympics Targeted By Hackers

Financial Account Information being Stolen During a Cyber Attack

It has been reported this morning that the Winter Olympics has been targeted by hackers. Peter Carlisle, VP EMEA at Thales eSecurity commented below. Peter Carlisle, VP EMEA at Thales eSecurity: “Global gatherings such as the Olympics that see world leaders, businesses and governmental organisations converge on one location are a naturally attractive target for digital criminal activity. Notably, […]

DHS Admits To Data Breach Of Almost A Quarter Of A Million People

Recently it was discovered that a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Office of the Inspector General (OIG) employee was in possession of a file that contained nearly a quarter of a million – that’s right, 250,000 records of people employed by DHS as well as subjects, witnesses and complainants associated with ongoing investigations from […]

‘LightsOut’: Malicious Flashlights Apps On Google Play

children's addiction to online porn

If you’re thinking of downloading a handy flashlight app for your phone, beware:   Check Point researchers have detected a new type of adware roaming Google Play, the official app store of Google, hidden in 22 different flashlight and utility apps. Dubbed ‘LightsOut’, the adware code reached a spread of between 1.5 million and 7.5 million […]

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family Products Disclosed by Digital Defense, Inc. Researchers

Low Latency Data Protection

Digital Defense, Inc., a leading security technology and services provider today announced that its Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) uncovered three previously undisclosed vulnerabilities within Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family products. Combining the three identified vulnerabilities, full compromise of the affected system is possible by modifying the configuration file. What You Can Do Dell EMC […]

Vendors Rush To Patch Meltdown And Spectre Vulnerabilities

Executive Summary Two vulnerabilities, potentially dating back to as far as 1995 and affecting almost all processors, have been disclosed by security researchers. The vulnerabilities, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, are information disclosure vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to use a malicious program to potentially see any information any other program is storing in memory. There […]

Meltdown & Spectre And What It Means For Users

Sources: – – Two vulnerabilities: –          Meltdown o   Description: Normally Intel x86 processors enforce memory separation between the Operating System (OS) kernel and user applications Meltdown allows malware to read arbitrary kernel memory, hence memory used by kernel and other applications Affects desktops, laptops, cloud servers, smartphones o   Risk: Large impact: malware can read sensitive data used by other […]