Is This The End Of Bitcoin’s Ransomware Monopoly?

News broke overnight that , a new variant of the HC7 Ransomware is in the wild that encrypts a victim’s files and appends the .PLANETARY extension to the filename. What makes this particular ransomware variant unique is that it may be the first one that accepts the Ethereum cryptocurrency as a ransom payment. Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline commented […]

ICO Fines Carphone Warehouse £400k

News broke today that Carphone Warehouse has been handed a £400,000 fine after one of the company’s computer systems was compromised as a result of a cyber-attack in 2015, putting millions of people’s data at risk. IT security experts commented below. Itsik Mantin, Director of Security Research at Imperva:  “In the modern data era where organizations store and rely more and more on data to […]

WhatsApp Encryption Flaw Allows Servers To Add People To Private Groups Without Permission

The flaw allows  anyone who controls WhatsApp’s servers to effortlessly insert new people into an otherwise private group, even without the permission of the administrator who ostensibly controls access to that conversation. Jing Xie, Senior Digital Security Researcher at Venafi commented below. Jing Xie, Senior Digital Security Researcher at Venafi: “Governments have targeted WhatsApp encryption […]