Unusual ‘Hide ‘N Seek’ Botnet Found

Researchers have discovered an emerging botnet that uses advanced communication techniques to exploit victims and build its infrastructure. The bot, dubbed ‘Hide ‘N Seek’, or ‘HNS’, was intercepted by Bitdefender’s IoT honeypot system following a credentials dictionary attack on the Telnet service. HNS is the first peer-to-peer botnet aimed at IoT devices that rolled its own communications […]

USB Token Vulnerabilities Found

Flash Zero Day vulnerabilities

News broke today that a variety of serious vulnerabilities have been identified in the Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) license management system of popular license management software used in corporate and ICS environments to activate software on PCs and servers. If these vulnerabilities are left unpatched, the popular license management USB-token can be used to open a hidden […]

Google Launch New Threat Analysis Platform, Chronicle

Alphabet—the parent company of Google, Nest, Waymo, and a million other companies—is launching a new company under the Alphabet umbrella. It’s called “Chronicle,” and the new company wants to apply the usual Google tenets of machine learning and cloud computing to cybersecurity. Terry Ray, CTO at Imperva commented below. Terry Ray, CTO at Imperva: “The announcements today by Amazon […]

Microsoft And NHS Digital Have Partnered On A Cyber-Security Alert Service

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

Following the news today that, as part of a deal between NHS Digital and Microsoft, NHS organisations will be able to get a threat detection service, alerting them to any cyber security issues. Rob Bolton, Director and GM for Western Europe at Infoblox commented below. Rob Bolton, Director and GM for Western Europe at Infoblox: “The NHS faces […]

Hackers Steal $400M From Cryptocurrency ICOs


In response to the news that a new study from Ernest & Young has revealed that cybercriminals have managed to steal almost $400 million in cryptocurrency by targeting ICOs, Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET, around securing cryptocurrency commented below. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency is its […]

The Long-Term Forecast: Private Cloud Is Here To Stay

Professor Avishai Wool, CTO at AlgoSec, analyses the signs that private cloud is here to stay and provides some advice on how to ensure it remains secure For several years now, the public cloud has been the main focus of conversations about how enterprise IT infrastructures will be deployed and managed.  And with good reason:  […]

Check Point Announces Infinity Total Protection

Check Point Announces Infinity Total Protection, a Unique New Security Model to Prevent ‘Gen V’ Threats and Attacks  Game-changing new security deployment model for real-time prevention of threats and cyberattacks  CPX 360, BARCELONA, SPAIN – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cyber-security solutions globally, today announced Infinity Total Protection:  a revolutionary security consumption model that enables […]

Fake News Counter Unit

30-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

The government is to establish a new unit to counter “fake news”, David Emm, Principal Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, Principal Researcher at Kaspersky Lab:  “The advent of fake news is very real, and we welcome today’s announcement from the government. The new unit will counter the threat of viruses and other […]

Dridex Banking Trojan Phishing Campaign Ties To Necurs

Snapchat Isolated Email Phishing Scam

It’s being reported that the operators of the the venerable Necurs botnet appear to be up to their old tricks, including targeting victims with a variety of phishing campaigns designed to infect them with banking malware, ransomware and cryptocurrency fever as well as to generate profits via dating website referrals. Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence at Lastline commented below. […]