Data Protection Day, But Why Is The 15th February Even More Important For Businesses?

SAP Data

Last year saw some of the worst data breaches. 14 million Verizon subscribers who contacted its customer services and had their records exposed; the “best cyber security consultant in the world”, Deloitte; Forever 21’s compromised PoS devices; and lest we forget the infamous Equifax. Is there really any hope for 2018? This Sunday’s Data Protection Day […]

Dark Web Markets Selling Babies’ PII For Fraudsters

It was reported yesterday that dark web marketplaces have been hosting the personal information of babies in order to be used for fraudulent purposes. Babies’ social security numbers, personal data and mothers’ maiden names can be used by cybercriminals in order to gain access to a clean credit score, which could potentially be utilized for years unnoticed. Tim […]