New Cryptocurrency Malware Attacks

In light of the discovery of “cryptojacking” malware affecting thousands of websites around the world – from the UK’s NHS and ICO to the US government’s court system, Nick Bilogorskiy commented below. Nick Bilogorskiy, Cybersecurity Strategist at Juniper Networks: “The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency valuations has shifted cyberattack activity to focus squarely on obtaining Monero and […]

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Faith In ‘Trusted’ Devices


In recent years, the mobile workforce has grown rapidly. Many forward-thinking companies have recognized the benefits of remote work and have adapted accordingly. However, allowing anywhere, anytime access to corporate data creates new risks that are difficult to address with most security solutions. Before the mobile workforce explosion, businesses used a “trusted” device model to […]

Winter Olympics Hit By ‘Olympic Destroyer’ Malware

A cyber attack was launched on the Winter Olympics during the opening ceremony last Friday, disrupting the stadium’s WiFi, the official Pyeongchang 2018 site and more. Olympic officials have not suggested who is responsible for the attack, but the malware believed to have been used in has now been identified by Cisco Talos. Dubbed ‘Olympic Destroyer’, the malware appears only destructive in functionality. […]

100 Days Until The GDPR

As today marks 100 days until the GDPR compliance deadline, Joe Garber at Micro Focus commented below. Joe Garber, Global Head at Micro Focus: “As today marks exactly 100 days until the GDPR deadline, it is important to reflect on the changes the new rules and regulations will bring. When it comes to the GDPR, the […]

UK Government Removal Of ‘Extremist Online Content’

Commitment to Online Trust and Security

It has been reported today that the Home Office have announced new technology which will be made available to all internet platforms that could stop the majority of Isis videos from reaching the internet by analysing the audio and images of a video file during the uploading process, and rejecting extremist content. The government hasn’t ruled out forcing technology […]

Breaches To Financial Services Tripled Over Last Five Years

It has been revealed that the number of breaches suffered by the financial services sector has tripled over the past five years. The study, conducted by Ponemon found that the average cost of cybercrime for financial services companies globally has increased by more than 40 percent over the past three years, from $12.97 million per firm […]