New SEC Cybersecurity Guidance For Public Companies

Board Level Cybersecurity Literacy

Commenting on this week’s updated guidance from the SEC on how public companies should disclose cyber security risks and breaches, IT security experts commented below. Willy Leichter, VP of Marketing at Virsec: “The new SEC guidance on cybersecurity is a step in the right direction but is pretty lacking in specifics. Requiring disclosure of cyber security gaps […]

SamSam Ransomware Hits Colorado DOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) has shut down over 2,000 computers after some systems got infected with the SamSam ransomware on Wednesday, February 21. The agency’s IT staff is working with its antivirus provider McAfee to remediate affected workstations and safeguard other endpoints before reintroducing PCs into its network. In a rare sign of transparency, officials […]

OMG Botnet (Mirai Variant Turns IoT Devs Into Proxy Servers)

In response to reports by the FortiGuard Labs team on the emergence of the OMG botnet, a new Mirai variant that seeks to turn IoT devices into proxy servers – two cybersecurity experts commented below. Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security: “We’re used to seeing Mirai variants being used to commandeer IoT devices across the […]

L.A. Times Website Injected With Cryptocurrency Mining Script

Following the news that L.A. Times website was injected with Monero cryptocurrency mining script, IT security experts commented below. Carl Wright, Chief Revenue Officer at AttackIQ: “Once again, hackers took advantage of a misconfiguration to inject mining script – this time the attackers went after the L.A. Times website. Like other organizations, the fallout from this attack […]

Fake Facebook Profiles Of Women Used By Hackers To Steal Passwords

RBS signs up to Facebook

It’s being reported that a new campaign involving suspected Lebanese hackers has been uncovered, which involves cybercriminals creating fake Facebook profiles and using social engineering to lure potential victims into downloading an Android spyware. According to security researchers at Avast, who uncovered the new attacks, the hackers spread the spyware, dubbed Tempting Cedar, via fake Facebook profiles that engaged with […]

Interpol And IoT

In light of Interpol’s warning that IoT devices are at particular risk of cyber-attacks, Christian Vezina, CISO at VASCO Data Security commented below. Christian Vezina, CISO at VASCO Data Security: “The Internet of Things is set to change the way we live and work but all of that could be easily sabotaged by the lack of adequate security. […]

Enterprise Costs Of DDoS Attacks Exceed $2Mil

New Kaspersky Labs research notes that the financial impact of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack continues to rise, and is now more than $120K for SMBs and more than $2M for enterprise organizations. A Corero Network Security executive notes that these costs can climb far higher, based on recent research and given upcoming regulatory changes such as […]

Think Like An Attacker And Mitigate Cyber Threat

Organisations are being tasked to innovate all the time. Market pressures, changing buying habits and competition from new market entrants is putting increasing pressure on leadership teams to innovate, and on IT teams to deliver on this innovation. And it’s no longer just the IT team. Security, compliance, finance, line of business leaders and DevOps […]

A Tale Of Two Breaches

Peter is having an extremely bad day. As Data Protection Officer (DPO) at a large company, he’s just taken a frantic phone call from the CIO who has informed him of a massive data breach. Details are still very sketchy, but potentially thousands of customer records, including personal data (PD) and payment card data has […]

Altia-ABM Helps Law Enforcers Tackle Financial Crime In Australia

A rise in financial crime and the increasing complexity of financial fraud in the Asia-Pacific region has led law enforcement agencies to embrace innovative tools and tactics to clamp down on criminal activity. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimates that organised crime costs Australia $A36 billion annually1. KMPG’s Fraud Barometer for Australia found that frauds […]