DevOps Security Watch: Three Trends To Track In 2018

In the face of incessant competition, countless organisations are turning to DevOps to improve efficiency and accelerate innovation. While this approach delivers proven benefits, DevOps is also creating new security risks and reviving old ones. That’s because these very organisations are failing to adequately train or develop staff to implement best practice in security, leaving […]

82% Of Boards Concerned With Email Fraud

In research released recently, Proofpoint revealed 82 percent of boards are concerned with email fraud and more than half (59%) consider it a top security risk—no longer just an IT issue. Yet almost a third (30%) of respondents cited a lack of executive support as a key challenge to email fraud protection deployment. Eyal Benishti, CEO […]

Managing Data Governance Under GDPR

When I was young “identity theft” didn’t have a name, and was something that only happened in TV series re-runs of “Mission Impossible” or “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” But it seems a lot has changed since these days, with the likes of Facebook and Google now potentially knowing more about us then our own family. […]

UK Police Forces spend £1.3 Million On Cybercrime Training


In response to the news that UK police forces have spent £1.3 million on cybercrime training over the past three years, Laurie Mercer, Solutions Engineer at HackerOne commented below. Laurie Mercer, Solutions Engineer at HackerOne: “Legend has it that the reason why criminal Willie Sutton robbed banks was “because that’s where the money is.” Today it […]

Why Protection Is Paramount In The age Of The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is offers a wealth of opportunity for the telecoms industry. It presents mobile operators a chance to develop and enhance their consumer offerings and increase market growth.  Research suggests the industry will grow from $900 billion in 2014 to $4.3 trillion by 2024[i]. We’ve already seen the likes of Vodafone delve […]

Russia DDoS Election Interference Attack

In response to reports of a DDoS attack launched to interfere with Russian elections, IT security experts commented below. Sean Newman, Director of Product Management at Corero Network Security: “Reports of DDoS attacks on the Russian, or any other government, elections come as no surprise. There’s no better time to make your point, whether it’s political, moral or […]

New Fakebank Android Malware

Google Flaw that could Grant Remote Access to Devices

Late last week researchers at Symantec warned of a new variant of the Fakebank Android malware family that has an unusual twist. Once installed the malware will intercept mobile calls you attempt to make to your bank, and instead direct them to a scammer impersonating an agent working for the bank. Furthermore, the malware will intercept calls […]